The Compass Rose

Session 39 - May 29/13

That knife aint much good to a dead man...

The Labreyan priest, Aitu, arrives at Rolston’s. He tells the party that he has heard that they had found an ancient Labreyan temple. He asks if this is true and, if so, what did they find there. Murad goes into detail about the temple and the battle with the vampires. he mentions that they recovered a certain sword that is dangerous to Labreyans. Aitu asks what else they found and requests that the items be given to his people. Rod hands over almost everything they found, (excluding the Token of Zaur, the slippers, and the ring of minor fire resistance). Aitu casts Detect Magic to discern their properties. He takes the ceremonial armour, the gold necklace, Unholy staff, and the Bane Sword. He seems to believe that they are holding something, but agrees to give them curative potions in exchange for the artifacts that they handed over to him.

After Aitu leaves, Rolston inquires about why Murad did not hand over the Token of Zaur. Murad explains that they are unsure of its powers and di not wish to separate it from the other token, Token of Valeria, as the former seems to be granting the latter increased power. Murad then speaks with Kuhita. Murad learns that Kuhita wishes to stay amongst his people here.

A little later, a messenger arrives and they are led back to the city centre. The Ulgar chieftains, elders, and a rather large crowd await them. The chieftain Fembe informs them that both Manambu and Koro have been stripped of the rank of chieftain and will no longer lead. He also says that it has been decided that the party will be allowed to leave on condition that they give their word that they will not speak of the underground city. All in the party agree. They take a blood oath to that by clasping Fembe’s forearm, which is sheathed in a sharktooth gauntlet. Fembe tells them that they have agreed to send 50 volunteer warriors to the surface to help defeat the Gul.

Fembe says that the council has decided to free the priest, Elrew, and his knight, Bertom, to stand before their own laws, provided no one challenges the decision. After a brief silence, one Ulgar, Imbongu, comes forth to challenge. Manuel volunteers to fight to the death on the behalf of the Elrew and Bertom.

They are led to a circular courtyard. They are each allowed a single weapon. Soemone in the crowd hands Imbongu a strange dark green-coloured glass dagger. A priest scans the combatants and tells Manuel has to removes his magical items, including his Monk’s Robes. Quinton hands Manuel a flask as his one “weapon” – it is an anti-toxin alchemy.

The battle commences. Manuel waits for Imbongu to approach then jumps up and does a flying tackle, knocking Inbongu to the ground. Manuel pins his opponent and begins to land blows to his head. Imbongu manages to escape Manuel’s grasp twice, briefly, but is immediately grappled by him again. Manuel’s final blow caves in Imbongu’s face, to the astonishment of the crowd. Fembe pronounces Manuel the victor and he is awarded Inbongu’s dagger.

Back at Rolston’s home, Elrew and Bertom are returned to the group in somewhat rough shape. Murad aks Cam to obtain oaths from them to not divulge the whereabouts of the Ulgar or the cavern. Elrew commands Bertom to take the oath and return without him and asks to be taken back to his cell. Quintin berates Elrew for taking the “coward’s way out”, as he puts it. Murad does not agree, and gains some small respect for the man. Rolston takes Elrew back to the Ulgar.

Rolston returns with Zia, who gives Murad a magical dolphin-shaped ring and thanks the party for the gift that they gave her when they met and for all that they have done here.

Before the party leaves, Rolston reminds them of his request that they take their findings to the Stars’ Children in Llantry. He then makes a final request. He asks that they watch out for his apprentice, a woman by the name of Fatima Lysini. She may be looking for him in the West Hanum islands. If they happen to find her, he asks that they tell her about the impending disaster from the sky, that she should find a safe place for herself, and that he is safe. He hands Murad a silver necklace with a faded Coorish Star hanging from it. He asks that they give it to her – she will understand its meeting.

The party, including Cam, his guards, and Bertom return to the island’s surface. Ungu, who will be leading the 50-odd Ulgar warriors, says they will be sailing to Calmuth Island to attack the flanks of the Gul. The party thanks them and bids them farewell.

The party unfurls their folding boat and starts back to Princeton. On the journey, Cam is sullen. He tells the tale of his friendship with Governor Darrow and the silver hammer that was given to Koro as a gift. It was awarded to the Governor many years ago for exceptional valour during a border skirmish with the Lettanni. Cam smiles at this, but is clearly saddened. Bertom remains mostly silent on the trip.

Murad, in kraken form, has been pushing the ship to speed her up. After two days sailing, they approach the southern edge of Calmuth island. Manuel and Rod spot two ships ahead, about three to four miles away. The party shifts the boat to the smaller form, and drops the sail to lowers it’s profile. Manuel steers the boat to the port side to avoid the unidentified ships, but it is soon apparent that they have been spotted…


hypericum hypericum

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