The Compass Rose

Session 45 - September 23/13

Hey, I think this table is for me and my friends!

Rod leaves the library and travels to the High Cathedral of The Just. He inquires about Bertom of Cuford. A Knight of the Just says that he is under the protection of the High Patriarch and that he can leave a message with his assistant. The Knight agrees to pass this on to him. Rod enters the cathedral. He makes a donation to the church to get the attention of a priest. After a short conversation, the priest agrees to inquire about Bertom on Rod’s behalf.

Rod then has his driver take him to the market district where he sells his pistol and ammunition. He uses some of the proceeds to buy two spring loaded wrist sheathes. After finishing his shopping, Rod returns to his family’s estate. The new guards that he sent for have arrived and are stationed around the house.

After some time at the library studying his dinosaur texts, Murad returns to the docks to find The Walrus and Maddy. After some questioning from one of the sailors, who doesn’t recognize Murad as an old man, Cendrik, the first mate, is fetched. Cendrik updates Murad on the recent events and mentions that Maddy went ashore several days ago, after they arrived in Llantry. She hasn’t returned since, though she was reportedly seen by one of the crew at the Maid of Iron tavern nearby. He explains that Maddy sent most of their ships to Keyemba. The remaining three ships, including The Walrus sailed to Llantry to return JE Ritter. Cendrik believes that Ritter was “broken” by his interrogation in Princeton and that Maddy is trying to return him to his family members. Murad tells Cendrik about his party’s mission. He says that he would like to ask Maddy about taking the Walrus with them out into the Starbirth Sea. Cendrik is unsure until Murad mentions the possibility of finding valuable adamantium ore. Cendrik promises to keep the ship in dock until Murad can find Maddy.

Back at the DeloSiren estate, Rod searches the house. He finds a secret ledger and a small bag of gems (4000g worth). He also notices several transactions in this ledger that involve various illegal items purchased and sold through the merchant house of Fenne. When Murad arrives, Rod shows him the book. He makes no mention of the gems. Murad proceeds to show Rod the books he acquired and their dinosaur illustrations.

By this time, Quintin has been back working at the Laboratory of the High Alchemists for some time. He is interrupted by a messenger who gives the message that they have gotten word from Arthund in Princeton. Quintin is told to see Navin, Gralius Kurn’s assistant, for the complete message. Quintin immediately leaves to find Navin. Quintin is told that, indeed Arthund did make the note in Quintin’s copy of A Collection of Species. Arthund explained that he saw a copy of the Journal of Jarith Rellor several years ago. It contained an entry that refers to an island in the West Hanum Islands now known as Jarith’s Island. Arthund said that he saw the book in an esoteric bookstore in the the southwest merchant district of Llantry. Quintin then finds his apprentice, Desmond, to help him to track down the journal the following day.

Rod and Murad find Quintin returning from dinner with Desmond. The three of them collect Saladin and Yulando, Murad’s apprentice, at the Journeyman’s Rest Inn and head to the Maid of Iron to ask about Maddy. They arrive at the tavern, the last known location of Maddy. With Saladin’s help, they “find” a table. Rod disappears into the crowd. Murad spots some of the Walrus’ crew and asks about Maddy. One of them says that he saw her a couple of days ago, but wasn’t sure where she went. For a few Gold Swans, they agree to keep an eye out and to tell her to contact Murad via the Stars’ Children, should they see her.
Murad asks the bartender if he saw Maddy. After taking some coins, he says that the last time she was here, she asked for a woman by the name of Laz, JE Ritter’s sister. After he told her that Laz had left Llantry years ago, Maddy was disappointed and left the tavern.

Afterward they go searching for the DeloSiren warehouse to see what is stored in it. Along the way, a beggar asks Murad for alms. Murad gives him some goodberries instead of coins. The warehouse turns out to be a bust with nothing of value. They return to the Maid of Iron to find Saladin beating several sailors at darts. Murad asks him to join him and they head back to the Journeyman’s Rest.

The next morning, Quintin meets with Desmond and two of his friends to search for the bookstore that possesses the Journal of Jareth Rellor. Finds a small store in the southwestern merchant district with a sign overhead – “Books”. The owner, an old man, claims that he doesn’t have it, but Quintin can tell that he is lying. Quintin leaves to find Rod and Murad to help him acquire the book. The trio returns to the bookstore in Rod’s carriage. Rod drinks a potion of invisibility and sneaks into the store. Murad, as an old man, enters the store keeper. Murad is able to convince the keeper to reluctantly admit that he owns a copy of the book. The man fetches the book. The keeper explains that a man bought a copy of the book a year ago and paid him to destroy any other copies that he might come across. The bookstore owner was fearful that the man would find out that he still had a copy of the book. That is why he lied to Quintin about owning the journal. The owner tells Murad to take the book so that he doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. Murad pays for the book, thanks the man, and departs. Outside, Murad hands the journal to a very happy Quintin, waiting in the carriage.


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