The Compass Rose

Session 60 - May 7/14

Oh poo - this place is dirty!

The three companions return to their own bodies, in their own time. They are greeted by Bilya, who informs them that they were unconscious for 33 days, much to the group’s amazement. They inform Bilya about what they discovered – the Token of Galus and the necklace that the witch wore.

Bilya informs the group that Tanya left the temple while they were away to scout the mountain and never returned. Jalec was stricken with a rotting illness but recovered with Pascal‘s aid. He left to look for Tanya, so he claimed, and also didn’t return. Bilya seems anxious to teleport to Calmuth Island to find the buried token. The group does not share his sense of urgency.

Io is able to discern via magic that both Tanya and Jalec are about 1500 feet below them, underground, and to the north. Cornelius descends the “well” that the group had previously sabotaged. He finds four skeletal guards at the bottom. He casts Black Tentacles , but the skeletons manage to escape its grasp. Cornelius gives a look around to see a ruined city.

Back up top, Bilya finds the sewer tunnel to explore. Cornelius goes first and flies right into a swarm of of tiny red spiders. He is able to knock them off with a Cyclone spell and blasts them with a Lightning Flash. Examining the room, Cornelius sees that it seems to be turned upside down. The group explores the adjacent rooms to find that they are also upside down. They find a chimney leading down. Io descends the chimney. Cornelius takes an alternate route through a branch in the sewer, but they eventually to meet up in a large cavern.

They find more of the ruined city, this part right-side-up. However, the buildings that line the way have toppled onto each other, forming an archway over the dark cobblestone streets.
Io scans a room, using her magical gloves, and sees a ghostly form hovering over a golden chair. Most of the party does not feel the need to talk to it, but Pascal, after praying to his god, feels it would be a good idea to talk to the ghost.

As they enter the room, the figure seems to ask a question in a strange dialect of Labreyan. Between Fatima, Cornelius, and Fatima they understand the question to be “Have you been sent to rebuild our city?”. Fatima assures the ghost that that is their purpose. He seems convinced and proceeds to babble.

The ghost says, repeatedly, “We must rebuild", “Tumaraa is no more”, “The spirits of Fire and Air unleashed there wrath upon us”, and “I did not foresee it”. Fatima asks how they may help to rebuild the city. The ghost replies “The King and Queen will decide that.”

Bilya believes that they are at the site of an old Labrayen city, called Tumaraa, that was destroyed during the cataclysm and hundred year winter that occurred more than 2000 years ago. The ghost must have been one of its citizens.

They decide to leave the ghost. The group moves further into the city. They find a swift-flowing river in the middle of the street that leads to a waterfall that drops to the city ruins far below. Accross the river, a building stands. Io scans it to find an outer room with four ghostly armed guards and in the inner room containing piles of clay tokens. Among the piles are three skeletons with shovels.

Suddenly a man appears. Bilya seems to recognize him and says “Sohrab, you show yourself at last!” He casts a Shadow Evocation Lightning Bolt at him. The man is lightly damaged. He replies “You can’t prevent what must take place, Ilio!” Then the man disappears. Fatima calls Bilya by the name “Ilio”. He sheepishly agrees to explain, but the group decides to hear it after they have finished exploring.

As they enter the room with the ghostly guards, the ghosts disappear. Cornelius finds a old coin with the image of a man on one side and a woman on the other, both in profile. In the back room they find larger clay tokens with the same images. Cornelius searches two alcoves – one marked “Treasury”, in old Labreyan, and one marked “Taxes”. He throws a token into one of them – it disappears. They determine that the alcoves are a from of teleportation device. They decide not to use the device just yet. Instead, they take the natural stone tunnel leading from the cavern that they discovered earlier.

The tunnel descends sharply, so they party takes great care making their way down. At the bottom they see that the floor is in fact masonry, with holes in the floor that are actually windows. The determine that that they are on top of a building that has fallen onto its side. The inside of the building is covered with moss and a luminescent fungus. At the bottom is a writhing pit of snakes. The group gets past the snakes and makes its way out into the ruined city. They find the remnants of a fallen tower. Several waterfalls from above feed a large river ahead, that flows to a large chasm. The group stears clear of the river and finds it way to the courtyard that Cornelius found previously. The four skeletal guards await them. They move to attack.


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