The Compass Rose

Session 63 - June 16/14

I spots me a Dragon! or Ouch, that burns!

Group 2

The group is recuperating after nearly losing Cornelius to the trapped notebook. Io uses her Spell Scent ability on the notebook to locate the caster of the Sepia Snake Sigil. She determines that the caster is in the large circular room with the deep pit. Cornelius casts Clairvoyance into the room and it, surprisingly, works. He sees the Magma Dragon that they previously encountered hunched near the pit.

Standing in an adjacent room, Pascal uses Stoneshape to make a small hole in the wall to provide line of sight into the dragon’s room. Fatima casts Silent Image to mask the hole. Ilio and Pascal take the east doors while Io and Gere Raimo take the west doors.

Io prepares protections for herself:

  • Purity
  • Resistance
  • Enlarge
  • Bear’s endurance;
  • Magic circle against evil
  • Deathward
  • Flames of the Faithful
  • Weapon of Awe
  • Keen Edge
  • Hunters Eye
  • Battlemind Link (with Gere Raimo)
  • Bane (against dragons)

Fatima provides the whole party with Infernal Healing. Cornelius has Invisibility.

The dragon looks toward the hole made by Cornelius and snorts. Then, out of nowhere, a robed figure appears next to the dragon. It is Sohrab! He opens his arms and says:

Gentlemen, ladies, please come in. Witness the transformation of our planet!

Group 1

In the blink of an eye, the party finds itself still on The Walrus out in the ocean, partly submerged, but the water is kept at bay by the magic bubble of the Submerge Ship spell.

In the distance, to the left of the setting sun, they spot a ship 100 feet in the air falling fast towards the water. Murad thinks fast and, using a Control Water spell, creates a geyser of water under the boat. There is a great crack and heave as the ship hits the water. Fortunately, the column created by Murad lessens the impact of the fall. From this angle, it is clear that the fallen ship is Starsinger.

Quintin and Murad change into water elementals, dive into the water, and begin looking for the third ship, Bilgerat.

The Walrus pulls alongside Starsinger. They learn that she is not at risk of sinking, but she is going to need repairs to the hull and main mast before resuming their journey. Arah and Bertom of Cuford aid the injured crewmen.

After hours of searching to no avail, Quintin realizes that they can use the Crystal of Communication, to contact Brenn, the captain of Bilgerat. They do and figure out where his ship is located. Murad flies over to Bilgerat and guides her back to the other ships.

Later that evening, Murad and Maddy retire to her cabin. After much fun, she tells the tale of how the Starbirth Sea got its name.

Some 12000 years ago, it is believed, the first star in the sky, Ireul, appeared over this sea.

Maddy finds it unbelievable that their world would be older than the stars. She considers it merely a story.

With the aid of Arah’s magic, it takes just more than a day to repair Starsinger enough so that she can sail safely. Their small fleet sets out to the northwest, in search of the fourth node. After close to a week at sea, Murad, flying ahead as a seabird, spots land. He gets a closer look and sees that it is a small temperate island. He notices that the entire shoreline is ringed in a yellow-green algae. Murad returns to The Walrus and tells of what he saw. On Quintin’s request, Murad returns to the island with a glass vial to collect a sample of the algae. Quintin, takes it to his wardrobe alchemy lab to study it. He discovers that the algae is caustic and is slowly dissolving the glass vial.

Murad finds that the algae has a faint magical aura. He attempts to dispel the magic on the algae to see if that will nullify the effects. It seems to do so, but only temporarily.

Murad transforms into a Roc. Quintin, Rod, Arah, and Bertom hop aboard. He flies the group to the island. Maddy keeps the ships at a distance so as not to expose them to the potentially damaging algae surrounding the island.


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