The Compass Rose

Session 65 - July 14/14

A captivating fight.

As the massive fungal creature’s tentacles move in to attack, Rod activates his ring and becomes invisible. Murad, as an air elemental, tosses the privateer captain around in his vortex. Arah casts Freedom of Movement on Bertom of Cuford,. Bertom jumps from the platform on Bob to the ground. He attacks one of the sailors. Bob and the treants smash at the other sialors.

The fungal tendrils rise from the earth and attempt to grab Bertom but fail because of Arah’s spell. They do manage to grapple the treants. Murad summons a massive Roc. He then flies up 150 feet up into the air. He drops the captain and one of the sailors, who fall to their deaths. He then casts Explosive Rot on the fungal creature, causing some of its flesh to die. The Roc attacks the creature but fails to injure it.

Quintin transforms into a large Tunnelroot creature and burrows under the ground to attack the fungus from below. The tendrils fill the earth, but are unable to grab a hold of Quintin, due to his own Freedom of Movement effect. The two smaller treants trample the sailors as they try and grab the Token of Zaur from the dead captain’s body.

Bertom pounds away on the fungal creature but is unable to penetrate it’s skin. The fungus takes control of one of the smaller treants and has it attack the other treant. The fungus seems to regenerates from some of the damage caused by Murad’s spell. Rod jumps down (with style) and grabs the token.

Murad calls down a powerful beam of light on the fungus doing a substantial amount of damage to it. Underground, Quintin uses his Greater Attenuate formula on the creature, causing the metal-like particles in its hide to dissolve. Arah blasts the fungus with a Cone of Cold with little effect.

Rod cuts down the last remaining sailor as he tried to grab the token. Bertom strikes at the fungal creature again with his adamantium weapon and is now able to damage it.

Suddenly a sound of breaking branches can be heard and several plant creatures burst from the under brush. A vine creature releases a cloud of spores among the group. Rod falls under a mind effect and is captivated. he stops what he is doing and seems to be mvoing toward the vine creature. Two other vine creatures grapple him. Rod is then able to break the enchantment and uses his ring to take Gaseous Form and floats away.

Murad flies down and casts anti-plant shield to protect Bertom and himself from the plant creatures. His Roc takes one of the plant creatures, that looks like a willow tree, in it’s claws and flies it up and away. Arah, who is captivated, starts moving towards one of the vine creature. She falls from Bob while trying to climb down form him.

Quintin detonates three force bombs under the creature, blasting a huge hole in its “belly”. Bertom cuts the rest of the creature down with his massive sword. The fungus explodes in a spore cloud, hurting Arah further. Rod flies down and checks on Arah, showing rare tenderness.

Quintin informs the rest of the group that there is a huge stone beneath the creature. Upon further investigation, they find a stone about 15 feet in diameter and foot and a half tall. It appears like it has been worn eroded from above. They presume that this is the fourth node that they seek. Murad and Arah study the node and discover four runes on it, that pulsate slowly, with magic.

Murad sends a message to Archmage Gralius Kurn and Navin, his assistant: “The node is intact, but damaged. A fungus-like creature has been feeding on it for centuries, it seems.” At that moment, they hear a voice, calling from up the path, using the party members’ names. Rod slinks into the forest shadow, just in case…


hypericum hypericum

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