The Compass Rose

Session 67 - Aug. 8/14

I don't need to hear your speech, you're dog meat...

Group 1

The party questions the ghostly figure and learns what he means by “All of your possessions.” Murad contacts Maddy on The Walrus and asks her to bring the ship nearer the island. Murad, as a Roc, gathers Quintin’s wardrobe laboratory and tries to convince Maddy to come with him. She is touched by his concern, but declines. Cendrik offers to come along. Murad gives him a magical dagger and armour that they recovered in their recent battle with the fungal creatures.

Murad flies Cendrim and the wardrobe bring the wardrobe to the node, where the ghost and the rest of the group awaits. The ghost, impatient and appearing to want vengeance of some sort, tells them to enter the wardrobe. With some reluctance, they do. Quintin updates the High Archmage and Navin. The rest of the group has some wine and waits inside the lab. They hear the swirl of wind outside and feel the surge of magical energy within. After a few moments, it subsides.

Group 2

Sohrab asks the party to enter the room: “Do you not wish to see what will happen to your world?” Io and Gere Raimo move to flank Sohrab, as the rest of the party waits to see what happens. The dragon sits beside Sohrab, watching the party closely.

Io attempts to intimidate Sohrab. “Why do you delay? I will flay all the flesh from your body!”. Surprisingly, he is momentarily shaken by her words.

Undetered, Sohrab uses a Persistent Image spell to tell a story. He creates an image, floating over the open pit. The party can see a group of Northern Ashtarean tribesmen, likely from a long ago time, on an autumn plain, looking up a the the sky. They see a red-hot burning star far overhead, falling to the planet…

Suddenly, Io and Gere attack Sohrab simultaneously. The dragon was ready for this and attacks Io. Fatima casts Feeblemind on Sohrab, but he resists its effects. Cornelius casts Forceful Hand and tries to push Sohrab into the pit, but he is able to resist his spell as well.

Ilio pleads with the group to stop and listen to what Sohrab has to say. Sohrab casts Mass Hold Person, paralyzing all but Io, Bilya, and Fatima, and her hellhound minions.
Io tries to grapple Sohrab and pull him into the pit but is unable to. One of the hellhounds is able to knock him to the ground, causing his spell to fizzle.

The dragon continues to pummel Io, but Io is able to knock Sohrab into the pit. The hellhounds jump into the pit after him. The dragon knocks Io unconscious and begins to attack Gere. Fatima, in the adjoining room with Cornelius, hears running down the corridor towards them. She turns invisible just as several dread wights rush into both rooms. Fatima grabs Cornelius and flies to the ceiling of the room to evade the wights.

Sohrab uses Stoneshape to open a doorway between the large domed room and the small room with Fatima and Cornelius. He then orders the wights and the dragon to kill Pascal and Gere, but to leave Io alive, for now…

Round 8
Pascal (Held)
Cornelius (held)
Forceful hand


hypericum hypericum

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