The Compass Rose

Session 69 - Sept. 29/14

Nighty, night, Rod...

The party steps out of Quintin’s wardrobe laboratory into the mélée. Rod immediately attacks several undead, wights, surrounding a fallen woman. A large dragon attacks Murad, damaging him. Murad counters by summoning a monster. Moratu, the lich, casts Waves of Exhaustion on the party. Thanks to Death Ward cast on most of the group, only Cendrik is affected by the lich’s spell. The wights try to attack Rod but again are unable to hurt or grapple him. Quintin throws several bombs, damaging Ilio, the mummy. Eeva, the witch, tries to use Dominate Monster on Rod, but he is able to shrug off the effects.

Arah calls down a column of holy fire, damaging several of the wights and destroying Ilio. Rod attacks the witch but does little damage to her. One of Murad’s two summoned triceritops charges the witch. The other decides to get the dragon’s attention by goring it in the ass. Murad then transforms into an earth elemental and sinks into the ground.

The dragon goes for Arah and badly wounds her, knocking her unconscious. The Lich, now incorporeal, uses Disintegrate to destroy the ghost, Alaad.

Bertom of Cuford channels positive energy and heals Arah. He also damages the undead that are assaulting her. The skeletons continue their attack and she falls once again. Bertom soon follows.

The witch uses her Eternal Slumber hex on Rod and Quintin – Quintin resists its effects but, even with heroic effort, Rod is unable to and slumps to the ground. A wight moves in and starts taking the rings off his fingers. Another of them takes Arah’s Token of Fira.

Murad, running out of options, casts Flamestrike on the group of undead (and downed party members). Then, he activates the bag of holly berry bombs, that Rod was carrying in his pouch. The two dinosaurs attack a wight and skeleton, respectively. Moratu casts Horrid Wilting on the party, causing massive damage to the living members. Eeva casts Storm Bolts. The streams of electricity strike the party. The remaining skeletal guards attack the still standing members of the party, killing both Cendrik and Quintin. Only Murad and his creatures stand between Moratu and victory…


hypericum hypericum

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