Flaming Short Sword

flaming short sword

weapon (melee)

Flaming short sword

Flaming Short Sword +2


The Stars’ Children have determined:

  • for every day of exposure to the sword within 30’, make a Fortitude Save, DC16, to resist taking 1d2 of Con damage
  • the Con damage can be restored with a Lesser Restoration Spell or better
  • once out of range of the sword’s effect, Con is restored normally, with rest
  • Con loss is cumulative; if 3 or more points of Con are lost in this way (without being reversed by Lesser Restoration or natural healing), then Con loss continues, even in the absence of the sword, at a rate of 1 point per week until a Greater Restoration or Heal spell is cast on the subject
  • once Con falls to 6 or lower, the character becomes sickened (p. 568, CRB)
  • A Remove Disease spell will negate the effects of the sword for 1 day

Flaming Short Sword

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