Jarith Rellor's Journal

Rellor's Journal


Rellor s journal

Jarith Rellor’s Journal

Excerpts from Rellor’s Journal

Hielyr 7, 11888 After only two days on this island, three of my men have become gravely ill with a sort of febrile disease. The ship’s physician cannot determine the cause. It is odd considering that they had been with me for more than a year and had not taken ill since that first month of the voyage…

Hielyr 11, 11888 The afflicted men grow sicker still. I fear that the others are going mad from some other affliction. The men claim that some of the large bats that inhabit the island have displayed some strange behaviour. They say that these animals have been seen watching them at night and appear to be communicating with each other. Madness! Only one more week here and I will have my maps completed…

Jarith Rellor's Journal

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