The Compass Rose

Session 1
Have you ever been to sea, Billy?

Group joins on deck to watch a game of “Nuts”. An argument over loaded nuts was averted by a interloper (Neil) between the Cook and another Sailor, which has the effect of quieting the argument. Sybil is agitated; Rod notices and attempts to engage Sybil. She rebuffs him and leaves. The game goes on and the Cook does relatively well, maybe even better then before Sybil leaves. Manuel is hanging out in the rigging; fixing the rigging.
A number of the crew and guests have been sick both due to fasting and rough seas (but none of the PCs).
Later that evening, the group members (including Gere and Sybil) are invited to a meeting with Jasik Lorrel by his servant, Eldred. Murad is convinced to attend by virtue of being a “Diplomant”. Murad arrives first (on time). The 6 guests are invited into a room by Eldred. Jasik is seated and nods at the guests as they arrive. He says that he is tasked to deliver a message to the Governor of Princeton by his government. He asks for help in protecting him.
On the previous night, Eldred caught a thief trying to riffle through Lorrel’s things. During the scuffle, Eldred killed him. He offers to let us see the body. The offers us 100 Gold Swans payable upon arrival. Gere says yes. Manuel rebuffs the offer of money, Rod and Quitin say yes. Murad asks for an introduction to the Governor: Jasik says yes (but only half-heartedly). Murad calls him on it. He clarifies that he’ll help after his ‘mission’ has been completed.
Quintin asks to speak with Jasik alone; as he has something to discuss. Quintin says that he doesn’t know these people. In case he is alone and a problem occurs, he is to drop 2 small rocks (Thunderstones); they will make a loud noise.
Eldred leads Murad, Gere, Sybil, and Rod to the body. It is in a bag. Quintin then joins them. Murad removes the body from the bag. He notices that he is Lebrayan, but one of the 3 Lebrayans on the boat named Chaco. He seemed simple and generally kept to himself. Killed by a slashing weapon (consistent with Eldred’s short sword) across the shoulder on a bias. One of his teeth seems to be gold. Sybil casts detect magic. Murad asks if she notices anything special about the tooth; she says no. Quintin arrives. Murad shares his conclusions about Chaco with the others. At that point, Murad notices that Chaco’s tooth is missing. Quintin quafs a vial and notices a gold ring in the bag. Rod quietly checks it out and decides that it is of good quality. Quintin looks more closely at hole where the tooth was earlier. He declares that the hole seems old.
The group disperses while Murad arranges with the Captain for disposal of the body according to Lebrayan custom. Sybil and Gere disappear. Rod and Eldred are taking shifts protecting Jasik’s door. Manuel is sleeping in his hammock in the attached hallway. Murad informs the Captain that he will dispose of the body this evening after a brief religious ceremony. Murad informs Jasik that Chaco doesn’t behave like a mainlander (jewelry, etc.), wasn’t known to the other Lebrayans, and kept to himself. Jasik thanks him; Murad leaves.
Murad gathers the other two Lebrayans (Boboa and Eru), completes the ceremony, and pitches the body over the side. Afterwards, Boboa mentions that someone else on crew (Kent) thought that Chaco was strange.
The night passes without any issue.
The next day starts. Quintin checks in on Jasik. Eldred greats him, and mentions that nothing happened last night. Quintin leaves.
Murad goes in search of Kent, who is about to climb up the mast. Murad asks about Chaco. Kent suggests that he was going to meet his wife-to-be in Lantry; which didn’t make any sense. In fact, he paid another sailor for his spot on the boat. It seemed like he offered more money for the spot then he was likely to earn on the ship.
Murad asks Manuel if he knew Chaco; Manuel says no. Bae Talleur interrupts them; asks them to a meeting this evening (for which he will make it worth their while). He suggests that they come to his room at 2 bells. Manuel somewhat abruptly excuses himself before the offer is made. Murad suggests that information is always appreciated.
Quintin is likewise intercepted with the same offer, while he’s on his way to the Chaco’s old quarters. He arrives at the room and asks to be pointed to his old bunk. The sailor says that his stuff was either given away or removed by the Captain. Quintin finds nothing.
Quintin, Murad and Manuel speak. Manuel suggests that he’ll be in Jasik’s cabin at 2pm. Quintin asks Murad if he’ll like to review Chaco’s things (assuming that they can be found).
Bae extends the same invitation to Rod (who is in his cabin). Rod picks up that Bae is Lettani, so he switches to that language. Rod suggests that he is can’t do so, as he is on an important mission for the Crown.
Quintin seeks out the Captain, who is working with a nautical instrument. He asks to see Chaco’s effects. Captain, somewhat uneasilly, says that his stuff is with the QuarterMaster. Upon doing so, the Quartermaster says that only money was the only stuff he had. Quintin, somewhat irritated, leaves.
Manuel sees Jasik and Eldred and appraises them of the situation, suggesting that Manuel and Eldred should stay together in Jasik’s room while the meeting with Bae occurs.
Murad tries to climb up to the Crow’s Nest, but is rebuffed.
Manuel joins Jasik and Eldred; the rest go to the meeting with Bae Talleur. In opening the meeting, he offers to shed light on Jasik’s message to the Governor. It seems that it contains an Order of War between Ealdur and Lettani. He claims that the war started 2 weeks ago. He says that he is the special envoy of Toomiran. The delay in delivery of the orders would help him, but killing Jasik would not (2 of the party felt he was telling the truth).
He has a proposal for the Governor from the Marquis. He hasn’t been able to speak with Jasik.
He offers to pay us 100 Gold to convey him into the presence of Jasik Lorell. Quintin and Rod are not willing to force a meeting. Murad is willing. The group settles on attempting to setup a meeting, but not to force a meeting.
The group leaves and attends at Jasik’s room.
Murad attempts to convince Jasik of the value of having the meeting. Manuel suggests that he wait. Jasik tells the group to convey to Bae that he will meet with him prior to meeting the Governor, but not until he reaches Port.
Manuel checks the horizon from the Crows Nest, while Murad tells Bae of Jasik’s message.
Quintin is pushed by a drunk Sailor up on deck. A scuffle ensues. Manuel mops the floor with Saladin; after which Quintin punches him out. Manuel then remarks to the Captain that wine may need to be secured. Afterwards, Manuel ascends the Crows Nest and notes a Ship on the horizon. He screems “SHIP HO”!

Pre-game Prep

Welcome to the campaign site!

I will be posting adventure updates here so that players who can’t make a session can be updated without having to use up precious game time. Of course, I welcome volunteers who would like to step in to do that for me sometimes… ;)

Hopefully, most of what you need to understand the world and get your characters ready will be on this site. Feel free to send any questions my way.

I request that everyone have their characters ready before the first session, so I can take a look and make sure everything fits with the world. I really want you guys to be able to have fun playing, so I will try my utmost to accommodate your character concepts.

The group will be starting its adventures in the Starbirth Sea, aboard the trading carrack, Kingfisher. She is on her way from Llantry to Princeton, Calmuth Island. I need to know why each of your characters is aboard…

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