The Compass Rose

Session 31 - Jan. 21/13
"Who's that you want us to take with us..."?
The Old Party

When last we saw our heroes, they appear on a beach a mile or two from Baste. Rod unfolds their boat and the party begins their return journey to Princeton. Murad, in bird form, scouts ahead.

The first day out, Murad spots a Gul ship, but it does not see the party. The further south they party goes, the more Gul ships are seen. A few Coorish vessels are seen to the east. The party rows during the day, and uses the sail at night, when the chance of being seen is lower. As they pass the island of Athlell, they notice a faint plume of smoke rising from the centre of the island.

The party passes the eastern shore of New Cahorn, approaching Calmuth Island from the northeast. They see the northeastern stretch of Calmuth has been blockaded by Lettani and Coorish ships. The party decides to run the blockade. Although one or more of the enemy sailors seems to have spotted them, no action is taken. As they pass inside the blockade, the group notices that the Coorish and Lettani ships are being held at bay by the reef and a fleet of Ealduran ships, just north of Plith.

Murad flies to Plith to inform the garrison of the state of the Lettani fleet. They take Murad under temporary custody until he satisfies their commander, Captain Dent, with his story. Murad tells him about the Battle of Baste and the danger of a Gul attack overland. The captain decides to let Murad return to Princeton, but asks that he make a request of the Governor that he send more men north to bolster their garrison. Murad agrees. Murad then takes to the battlements, and flies off with a flourish. The men are amazed.

Murad catches up with the rest of the party as they near Princeton. The harbour is brimming over with ships of all types – small merchant vessels, fishing boats, skiffs, and rowboats. They catch a glimpse of the Walrus, anchored in the harbour. The party makes landfall north of the town and walks up to the eastern gate. They are stopped at the gate by city militia. Although their special officer badges were confiscated in Baste, Murad easily convinces the two militiamen that it is in their interest not to delay them.

They enter the town – Quintin splits off and heads for the Stars’ Children Chapter House and the rest of the party heads first to the Mayor’s office. They convince a guard to pass on their request to see Mayor Finchey, then they stop at Rod’s estate. Upon reaching Rod’s house, they find a large group of Labreyans living there. Alurha explains that they are mostly family and asks Rod if they may stay there a little longer, as they have nowhere else to go. Rod agrees, but is clearly uncomfortable with the situation. Murad proffers a solution – he will speak with Governor Darrow on the matter of some land that was promised him…

Quintin knocks on the door of the Chapter House and asks to see Master Jylium on an urgent matter. He requests the master’s presence at the meeting with the Lord Governor. Jylium agrees. En route, Quintin recounts the tale of what happened in Baste, during and after the battle. Jylium is intrigued. He asks Quintin pointedly how Arthund came to know the story of Sybil Athen before, he, himself did. Quintin admits that he advised Orland, Master of the Chapter House in Baste, that Jylium is something of an unknown and that he is not sure yet if he can be trusted. He told Orland to contact Arthund, as a trusted member. Jylium is, at first, angry at this, but soon calms and concedes that Quintin was wise to be cautious.

At the gate to the Duke’s compound, a throng of people is blocking the way. Manuel, impatient, in a loud voice, says “Move outta the way or I will beat you in the head until you are unconscious, then I will piss on you”. His words, and the guards’ pole arms, seem to do the job – the crowd parts for them to pass. Quintin and Jylium have caught up by this point. Jylium convinces the guards to let them pass undelayed.

Inside the Duke’s Keep, in the state room, Governor Darrow appears tired and worn. Murad casts Restoration on him, which helps him feel better. Murad then recounts the group’s experience at the Battle of Baste and what they learned about the Children of Zepha. Murad also asks for leave to move his people across the bridge to the west, to the land that had been promised him. Darrow agrees but warns that he will be unable to defend or assist them.

Governor Darrow explains the military situation. It is dire – a naval blockade is in effect, as the group has already seen. Their fleet has been reduced to some 30 ships and it is uncertain how long Maddy’s privateers will continue to aid them. The Kingfisher returned from Kayemba some days ago with 50-odd mercenaries. Darrow concedes that he may not be able to pay them for much longer. Murad offers to cover their pay for the next month. The Governor eagerly accepts.

When asked about the situation on the mainland, Governor Darrow admits that details are scarce due to the blockade, but says that there is word of a fleet amassing in Leona that is rumoured to be preparing for an attack on Llantry itself.

Somehow, the Gul have been kept out of the valley and eastern shore of Calmuth island, but the Governor fears that that won’t last for long. He expects a major attack on Princeton within the next 10 days or so. There is no hope of reinforcements from the mainland.

With a heavy heart, the Governor asks the group to accompany a diplomatic mission to the Ulgar. He admits that it is an act of desperation, but feels that their only hope is to convince the Ulgar to join them in their fight against the combined forces of the Lettanni, Gul, and Coorish. The diplomatic mission will be led by Cam Rewyn. If they accept, they must leave no later than the morrow. Without hesitation, the entire group, except Quintin, agrees to do it.

Quintin, instead, requests a private meeting with Jylium. They leave the meeting to speak alone in another room. Quintin asks Jylium for his advice on whether to go on the mission. Jylium strongly suggests that he go on the mission. There are reports that the Children of Zepha have tried to make contact with the Ulgar. This mission may be an opportunity to learn more about their activities. Quintin agrees. Jylium also strongly suggests that Quintin accept the Governor’s rank of “special officer”. That way, his loyalty to not only the Governor, but the population of Princeton, will not be questioned. Quintin reluctantly accepts. As they leave, Jylium tells Quintin to meet him that evening at the Chapter House – there is one last thing that he wishes to discuss with him before he goes on the mission.

Back in the state room, Governor Darrow tells the party that Patriarch Castance, of the Church of Galus, has agreed to make his nearly three-dozen Knights of Just available for the defence of Princeton. In exchange, the Governor has agreed to accept one of Castance’s priests, Elrew, to join the mission to the Ulgar. Murad bursts out in laughter at this. The patriarch has assured Governor Darrow that no proselytizing will take place and that Elrew will merely be on a “cultural fact-finding” mission. The group accepts this condition with some amusement.

Slightly relieved, Governor Darrow dismisses the group. As they depart the Duke’s compound, Murad tells the group that he needs to make some arrangements for the relocation of his people and that he will catch up with them a little later…

Session 30 - Jan. 7/13
"'The Ancestors'? Is that a tavern?"

After meeting with Bilya in the hidden Labreyan village, Fatima returns to the group. She sends a magical message to Io about the village and Bilya’s plan keep it hidden – he will create a false image of a destroyed village and they will take Bilya’s dead companion back to Baste and claim that it is Bilya. Io agrees to the plan on the condition that she speak to Bilya first.

Fatima flies back to the village to talk to Bilya about Io’s request. He is concerned about her being followed but agrees to meet Io at the area of the arrow trap in four hours. Fatima returns to the camp, informs Io about the meeting place and time, then proceeds to keep the others busy with a show of magic.

After some time Bilya appears before Io at the meeting place. Io reveals to him that she is a half-orc and that a village of her people were killed by the children of Zepha. Bilya informs Io that the man leading the Children of Zepha on the islands is Sohrab, former head of the Baste chapter house of the Stars’ Children. He also admits that they are being aided by an “entity”, but he can’t speak more of it. Bilya tells her that “Taipa”, a friend of his on Calmuth Island, may know more.

Bilya says that he will create another burned out village, and make it look like a magic item or artefact was taken from it.

Io returns to the Group and the Gul, and tells them that the village is to the east. A half an hour later, the group comes upon a burned down village. Amongst the burned bodies one which is wearing a magical ring. Io and Fatina are able to convince the Gul that this body must be Bilya’s.

As the party returns to their boats, Fatima retrieves the dead Labrayen, burns his body so it is mostly unrecognizable and takes it back to the ship. On the voyage back to Baste, Fatima tries to engage Reys in conversation, to little success.

After returning to Baste, the group heads for the keep of Marquis Farileau. On the way, they notice that some Coorish troops are present along with the Lettanni soldiers. As they approach the keep, Reys peels off and heads back to the docks. Io notices and tries to stop him. However, he is determined to return to his homeland, so Io leaves him to it.

Upon meeting with the Marquis, Fatima spins a fine story of the death of Bilya and the village. He seems to have bought it and gives them their rewards. As Io’s payment was to be in information regarding the Children of Zepha, Farileau summons Orland, the new Chapter House Master to speak with her. He is clearly not at ease speaking in front of the Marquis, but tries his best to sound earnest. Io offers her services to him and he agrees to speak with her later.

Marquis Farileau suggests that they remain in town for the next several days. He may have need of them for another mission that would interest them.

After a few drinks with Tanya, Io and Fatima leave her to her games. They go to the Chapter House to meet with Orland. They tell most of the tale of their encounter on the island of Ouce (Athlell). They tell him that they are not able to divulge the identity of a contact they made on the island, but say that he knows much about the Children of Zepha. Orland suggests that they ask this person to contact him. He also tells the two of them what he knows of the Children of Zepha – that they are collecting artifacts on the islands and elsewhere in the world, that their leader on the islands is Sohrab, and that Sohrab was last seen coming from the island of Orbitan. Sohrab is also thought to be pursuing Orland’s immediate predecessor, Sybil Athen, whom he believes possesses an artifact, herself. Finally, Orland suggests that they consider talking with Jylium, the Master of the Princeton Chapter House.

Session 29 - Dec. 17/12
Wait a sword just went right through this dude...

After a brief rest, the party heads out following the tracks that the fake Tanya had walked off to, it leads them back to the tree grove, the tracks lead father to the East.

Some time later the party sees smoke on the horizon, Ulo transforms to a parrot and flies to investigate, it is a village that has been burned.

The Group approaches the village, but chooses not to enter, Ulo and Kwarnak enter to investigate

they discover a magic ring, that can kill the user,

Fatima realizes that the burning village is an illusion, just as a man appears in the center of the village, looking somewhat confused, Reys leaps at him punching the man, as he tries to cast a spell
suddenly another native man appears, claiming the man Reys is attacking is a member of the children of Zepha and is the one who burned the village, as he casts a spell

Io disrupts his spell, as the battle reaches a pitch, the second native caster, teleports away, despite Io’s to counter

the party dispatches the last guard, and are able to take one of them alive, they search the caster, and find a smiler ring as the suicide ring, they found earlier
other items include

dagger +2
amulet natural armor 2
bracers +3
Ring protection +2

in the morning Fatina questions the prisoner, using telepathy and charm spells, and is able to charm him into leading her to their camp to talk to the Labreyan camp, she then disappears and they fly off to the Labreyan camp, but leaves a message with Io about her plan,

Fatima is escorted to the hidden village, to meet Bilya,
They discus the Children of Zepha, and mutual goals against them. Under a zone of truth. It is discovered that the Children of Zepha are searching for a special place on the island that is a last bastion of the Labreyan people. Home to over 200 of them

Fatina will aid them in convincing the Marquis that Bilya and the village has been wiped out, for more information, on the Children of Zepha, including the name of their leader, Sohrab who was former master of the Baste chapter house of the Stars’ Children. But the group has to kill the Gul.

Session 28 - Dec. 3/12
Wouldn't it be funny if these were Gul we were attacking? Ah, hang on...

The group enters a small clearing in the jungle. Darbiron stands there, hypnotized by some strange effect. Some type of carnivorous palm tree seems to be attacking him. Reys charges forth and attacks the tree. There appears to be five of these trees. Three attack with their vines while two of them shoot their roots up through the ground to damage the legs of Darbiron and Reys. The rest of the party attacks from the fringes.

Reys is knocked down and nearly killed. Io slices at the trees with her falchion, while Tanya makes short work of the rest of them with her volleys of arrows. Sadly, Darbiron is killed during the battle. Fatima heals Reys with an infernal spell, for which she receives a warning from Io. The Gul druid, Ulo suggests that they take Darbiron’s body to the beach and burn it; the rest of the group decides to wait until after the mission is completed.

Farther along the path, the party hears the movement of creatures to the north in the jungle. Reys and Tanya move quietly through the brush towards it, while Fatima flies above. She sees a clearing in the jungle with what appears to be a party of Labreyan warriors. She casts a spell to inform the rest of the group of this and they follow behind.

With the element of surprise on their side, the group attacks. Fatima makes a magical sound on the other side of the clearing to distract some of them. Io attacks them with harsh language, burning them. Fatima then traps them in a magical web. The web alights from the burning warriors and causes further damage. The leader cries out “Traitors!”, as he commands his men to counter-attack.

Tanya, Reys, Io, and Jalec kill many of the warriors, as their leader is incapacitated by the webbing and Fatima’s charms.

Almost all of the enemy is killed. As Reys is about to turn his sword on the Labreyan leader, Ulo waves his arms and cries out something in Gul. Fatima seems to understand him. She tells the others to stop attacking. Ulo approaches the Labreyan leader and begins to speak with him. The leader is not Labreyan at all – he is Kwarnak, leader of the Gul party that they met on the beach. But he doesn’t look like Kwarnak, he looks Labreyan, as do the other warriors. With this realization, the illusion falls away to reveal that these men are, in fact, Gul.

Kwarnak is confused by their attack. Someone, disguised as Tanya, led them to this spot and told them to wait for her return. When the group attacked, Kwarnak thought that they were being betrayed.

Session 27 - Nov. 19/12
Please tell me about your life as I rub this knot out of your back...

The next morning, the group finds the Iron Lady at the docks. Fatima flirts with the captain to get a private quarters from the first mate. The rest of the group heads below deck. The ship sets sail to the south.

Later in the day, the group sees a group of ten ships in the distance, to the east. They also see several groups of Gul canoes, mostly to the west.

The Group sits down for dinner in the mess, while Fatina dines well in the Captain’s chamber.
She gets him tired out and reads his mind for information, while planting thoughts into his mind.

Later in the day, Reys notices that the ship has slowed down and mentions it to Tanya. Fatima tries to endear herself to the other members of the group. Fatima, Io, and Tanya some to the conclusion that Reys is both a potential boon and a danger to the party.

Upon making landfall on the island of Ouce (Athlell to the Ealdurans), the group sees several Gul canoes on the beach. A group of 30 odd Gul are waiting ashore. Their leader, Kwarnak, addresses the party. Darbiron speaks on behalf of the group.

Kwarnak states that some Labreyans are giving them difficulty on this island, far more then they have seen before, attacking with hit and run tactics. They seem to be led by a man named “Bilya”, which, according the Gul druid, means “The Wind”. Kwarnak wants them to locate the Labreyans and inform the Gul where to attack them. Io asks if they have been using magic against them. The druid, Ulo, says that they do not have magic. Ulo agrees to accompany them into the interior.

The group of seven (Darbiron, Io, Tanya, Jalec, Fatima, Reys, and Ulo) heads into the jungle. After about an hour, the group sees a spear buried into the ground with dried blood on it. While Darbiron examines the spear, Io spots movement ahead – it looks to be a child.

The child starts to run away. Fatima follows the child and narrowly avoids a pit trap. The child gets away.

After a time, they come to a fork in the path, where they decide to make camp. Io volunteers to stay watch all night, while the others takes turns.

The next morning, the group heads off. Farther down the trail, the group is peppered with arrows from a trap, with a magic “eye” near it. Before the eye can be shot, it disappears.

At the end of the trail, the party decides to turn around and try the other path. Down the path to the south and slightly west, an opening is seen. Darbiron enters the clearing and stops suddenly. The trees surrounding the clearing begin to sway as a green tendril reaches for him.

Marching Order




Session 26 - Nov. 5/12
Reading too many books makes my tummy upset...

The Old Party

Rod races toward the door that is quickly closing. He just manages to get through to the next room, but his plan to prop it open with a small trunk fails.

The flying books attack the rest of the party. At the same time, an alchemical golem rises up from the laboratory equipment to attack the party.

Inside the second room, Rod sees that Sybil is being confronted by a strange spellcaster. Sybil is clearly perturbed by Rod’s presence in the room. Before Rod can attack the strange caster, Sybil transports herself and him back into the library room, much to his confusion. The spellcaster follows them.

The books continue to attack. Manuel damages the alchemical golem, but is severely wounded in turn, and falls unconscious. Quintin tries to bite and claw the creature, to no avail. Murad heals Manuel enough that he is able to finish off the golem with four solid blows. Meanwhile, Rod is nauseated by the books’ attack (or was he trying to read?). The strange caster hits Sybil with a dagger as she tries to cast a spell. She finishes the spell and disappears. The spellcaster then disappears himself.

With the golem destroyed, the party easily destroys the rest of the books. After the last book falls, the pentagram, in the corner, begins to pulsate with a feint glow. Murad uses a spell to shape the stone so that the pentagram is destroyed. Quintin searches the room and finds an interesting pouch with some sort of sneezing powder in it.

Then, suddenly, five people, four men and one woman, teleport into the room. One of them commands them to drop your weapons. That command is ignored. As the party explains their presence in the room, yet another man teleports in. It is middle-aged one, who was guarding Murad. He asks the party what happened. Being more at ease now, Murad gives the full account (except for mentioning the items that they took from the chest and Quintin’s finding of the powder).

The man, caling himself Orland, checks the second room. It is completely empty. He declares that “Sybil has left us”. Based on the party’s description of him, Orland believes that the spellcaster that attacked Sybil was Sohrab. He was the former guild master of their chapter house before his untimely death some three weeks ago. Sohrab was believed to have been killed by the Children of Zepha. The circumstances of his death, however, were suspicious and his body was not recovered.

Orland assures the party that he will do all that he can to locate Sybil. He is emphatic that they leave immediately before the Marquis’ forces find them. Orland waves his staff at them and the party is transported to a jungle beach to the west of Baste…

The New Party

The yet-to-be-formed party, sits inside “The Green Fish”, one of Baste’s taverns. Reys is at the bar slugging back an ale. Tanya plays others for fools at a drinking game and Fatima is looking pretty. By herself at a window table, Io sees a group of soldiers congregating outside of the Stars’ Children Chapter House.

Three soldiers enter the tavern; one is an officer. His eyes search the crowd. He takes out a piece of paper and calls out the names of Reys, Tanya, Fatima, Io, and two others, Darbiron, and Jalec. He informs them that they have been called by the Marquis Farileau to stand before him at his keep. Reys, not wishing to leave his drink, is reluctant and Io questions the Marquis’ purpose. The officer is unimpressed and says only that The Marquis has a proposal for them. With that, they all agree to go along.

On their way, they notice that a search is taking place, door-to-door, by some of Farileau’s soldiers. They are told that some prisoners have escaped. After arriving at the keep, the group is led to a waiting room to await the Marquis’ call. Darbiron introduces himself ,and the other man, Jalec, who doesn’t speak much. The group exchanges stories and insults. After about an hour, they are lead to the Marquis’ audience chamber.

Marquis Farileau addresses them and asks that they introduce themselves. He then explains the mission that he offers to them. It involves the capture or killing of a Labreyan man, Bilya, who has been leading a resistance force on the island of Ouce (known to the Ealdurans as Athlell). Because of this, the Gul have been unable to take the island. The Marquis wants this man neutralized. He stresses that time is of the essence. He will pay 2000 Gold Stars to each of those who agree to the mission. Should they agree, they are to meet Captain Lajore of the Iron Lady at the docks at dawn, on the morrow.

All agree. Io agrees if her payment is in the form of specific information – information that the Marquis and the Chapter House Master of the Stars’ Children may have. She requests to speak with them on the matter.

Farileau dismisses the group, except Io. Once they are gone, she requests information about the Children of Zepha. The Marquis claims that he has heard of them but nothing more. Io determines that Farileau is not telling everything that he knows about them. He does agree to arrange for a meeting with Master Orland on their return. Io thanks the Marquis and asks him if she should bow. He nods. She bows and leaves the room…

Session 25 - Oct. 22/12
My, that's a nice robe you're wearing...umff!

Murad dreams. He awakens in a small room on a soft bed. A middle aged man sits on a chair, barely acknowledging his awakening. Another, larger man stands over him, paying a bit more attention. Murad sees that some light shines in from a western facing barred window.
Murad greets the larger man. He nods. The older man hands Murad a skin of ale of some sort, that makes him feel less hungry. He sees that all of his equipment has been removed.

Murad attempts numerous times to engage the men in conversation. Mostly, he is ignored. The large man says only that someone will come for him.

After about 5 days, the two men stand to attention, as the door finally opens. An old friend, Sybil Athen enters. She says that she is now the Master of the Baste Chapter House of the Stars’ Children. Sybil proceeds to question him about how he was captured and his knowledge of the Children of Zepha.

Rod and Manuel dream. Rod awakens in a small, barred cell. Manual, still asleep, is with him. After a few hours, Manuel awakens from a dream. They find that there are other prisoners in the adjoining cells – army officers and ship’s captains captured during the battle. Rod decides to make the guards as uncomfortable as possible by “hitting on them” and urinating outside the bars. The guards decide to cut their rations in retribution.

After more than a week, Vyncent, the third son of Duke Cahorn, pays them a visit. Under guard, he says that he was also captured during the naval battle. As the other men whisper scorn toward him, Vyncent offers rod a proposal. He wishes Rod to write a letter to his own father, requesting that his family support Duke Cahorn, if there were to be a change of leadership of the Elduran people. Rod cautions that he has little sway over his father, but nonetheless, agrees to write the letter. Vyncent, pleased by this, promises to speak kind words to Marquis Farileau to persuade him to release them.

Quintin dreams. He awakens in a comfortable room, with a plate of food beside him. He searches the room but finds nothing of use. After more than a week of sheer boredom, guards enter the room and command Quintin to follow them. He is escorted to a large Audience Chamber, where Marquis Farileau is attending to some business. Several guards are present. To the Marquis’ right are four men and Sybil Athen, who watch the proceedings.

Two men stand before the Marquis. One of them is Captain Munder. Farileau asks Captain Munder how he might convince Governor Darrow to surrender Princeton to Lettanni forces, to prevent unnecessary loss of life and property. Munder replies that Darrow is a hard and proud man and is unlikely to agree to any terms of surrender. The Marquis, frustrated, dismisses him.

Marquis Farileau turns to other man, stooped and appearing nearly broken. It is [[:gere-raimo|Gere Raimo]. Farlieau consoles Raimo about his role in passing false intelligence to Governor Darrow. He offers Raimo a way to redeem himself – give the Marquis the information that he wants and he will spare the other Ealduran prisoners from being sold into slavery by the Coorish. Raimo does not answer, so is struck by a guard. Farileau orders him to stop and sends Gere Raimo back to his cell to “think it over”.

Quintin is asked to account for his involvement in the battle. After answering to the Marquis matter-of-factly, he is then questioned by Sybil Athen. She asks him who he works for, what orders Master Jylium gave to him, and what he knows about the Children of Zepha. She also inquires if he saw any magic being used during the battle.

The Marquis then informs Quintin that, although he did not appear to actually be enlisted by the Ealduran army, he was found amongst them. Normally, a lengthy legal process would be needed to clear his name. In the meantime they would need to keep him held. Farileau offers an alternative to this – he calls forward one of the men at his side, a representative for the Merchant House of Fenne, Ferthelm Orkel. This is the same house that Quintin once worked for. Farileau informs Quintin that House Fenne will take responsibility for him should he be released. Orkel nods in agreement. In exchange for releasing him immediately, Farileau requires that Quintin complete a mission for him. He requires the capture or killing of a Labreyan leader who is causing the Gul problems taking the island of Athlell. This leader goes by the name of “Bilya”. The Marquis adds that Quintin’s companions shall be released as well, should they agree to aid him in this mission. They would be Quintin’s responsibility, of course.
Quintin declines, citing his disdain for the war and killing. As he is dragged away by the guards, he catches the look of relief on Sybil’s face.

Manuel and Rod continue to wait in the cell. Suddenly, the main door opens as guards lead some new prisoners into the jail. Rod seizes the opportunity and tosses the chamber pot at them. Manuel, upset by this, hits Rod, stunning him. The guard that caught the brunt of the splash goes wild with anger and stabs at Rod. Manuel grabs the guard as Rod disarms him of his short sword and dagger. Fearful of them, the other guards leave them alone. Rod hides the captured weapons in the cell for later use…

In the cell across from them, a man by the name of Sebastien says he is a friend Sybil and will help them escape. By this point Rod has managed to pry open the lock with his dagger. Sebastien suggests that they wait for his signal before trying to escape.

After about an hour, Sebastion starts a fight with one of the other prisoners in his cell. This attracts the guards’ attention, as intended. They open Sebastien’s cell to put an end to the fight. At that instant, Manuel attacks the captain, while Rod checks the adjacent guard room to ensure no one is going to raise the alarm. They then dispatch the guards and make their escape.

The plan is for Rod to wait here in the guard room. Sabastien and Manuel will go out the side door, up a dumb waiter, and down a set of stairs. They will double back and surprise the guards in the hall outside of the guard room. At that point Rod is to join their attack.

Quintin is awoken by Sybil. She informs him she is helping him escape as their fate, in the hands of Marquis Farileau, is not looking good for them. Sybil hands Quintin Rod’s adamantine dagger, then teleports them away.

Murad has another dream or is it a vision?

There is a cave. There are more than a dozen men, holding torches. The faint light reveals their features – they are Labreyan. A few of them appear to be warriors, holding warclubs, low. They motion, threateningly, toward a large hole in the floor. At the entrance to the hole are five men. They are being instructed to climb into the darkness below. It is to be their prison. Reluctantly, they begin to descend, one by one. The last one, their leader, pauses. Saddened yet defiant, he looks to one of his jailers – “You shall join me one day…” The last of the prisoners climbs down the ladder to follow his comrades. With that, the warriors seal the entrance with a heavy block of silver/grey metal. One of the remaining men, an older man, proclaims: “It is done. We shall see them nevermore.” Slowly, they exit the cave, into the night.

Murad recognizes the condemned man as the Strange Labreyen that the party encountered in the underground tomb months ago.

Sybil and Quintin arrive in Murad’s room. The two men that are watching him stand to greet their master. She asks them if they understand what she must do. They both nod to her. She points a wand at them, utters a few words, and they fall to the floor.

Murad awakens to Sybil and Quintin, standing over him. Murad wants to talk but she says that they have no time, that they must find Rod and Manuel. He agrees and she teleports them all away. They appear next to Rod, in the guard room. He explains that Manuel went ahead with Sebastian. She claims no knowledge of this man. Obviously worried, she says that they must find Manuel immediately. Rod tells them where they went and Sybil leads the search.

Sebastien and Manuel have found a storage room. Sebastien says that this used to be a kitchen and that the dumbwaiter that they are looking for his hidden behind some crates. He asks Manuel to see if he can find it, while he attempts to light some wall sconces for light. As Manuel walks away, Sebastien attacks. As he strikes at Manuel, he admits that he sent the note to him back in Princeton. He mentions that he serves “The Malevolent One”, a name used to refer to the god, Zaur. The found his friend Rigo from the Holy Retreat and used him to find Manuel.
They trade massive blows, but Manuel proves to be the better fighter, just, and drops him in a broken pile.

By this point, the party has located Manuel. Rod says to him: “What the hell just happened?”
Sybil identifies Sebastien’s clothing as Monk’s Robes. Manuel does a small dance and strips the body. Sybil says that they must leave quickly, before anyone finds out that they have escaped. They teleport away.

They all arrive in what appears to be both a library and a laboratory. Sybil informs them that they are in the lowest level of the Stars’ Children’s Chapter House in Baste. She leads them to an empty cabinet and proceeds to pull a large chest from it, seemingly from nowhere. It contains their magical gear. As Rod laments the loss of his money, Sybil considers for a moment, then pulls another, smaller chest from the cabinet. She allows them to take one item each from it. As they begin to salivate, she excuses herself to another room to find something before they leave.

The chest is empty. Rod reaches into it and feels something. It is not what he had in mind – it is a pair of magical gloves. As hard as they concentrate, they are not able to retrieve what they imagine. But, in turn, they find a ring, a sword, and some hide armour, all magical.

Suddenly, they hear Sybil in the other room say “Who is there?” They hear a sort of shimmering sound and a loud male voice, uttering words of magic. They hear Sybil cry out in shock “You!”. The books on the shelves begin to shake. They leap from their shelves and fly toward the party. At the same time, the large iron door to Sybil’s room is closing, fast…

Session 24 - Oct. 9/12
Fucked in the Coorish fashion, but not in the good way

As the fleet approaches Baste, Murad flies off to scout ahead. He sees a strange light from one of the towers behind Marquis Farileau’s keep. He decides to avoid it, and checks the town which has about four hundred or so soldiers held in reserve. After setting a small fire, he approaches the west gate. He feels a mental attack, which he shrugs off the first. He is overcome and held in mid-air. Before he crashes into the ground, he is caught by some invisible hands. The force draws him towards the lighted tower. As he approaches, he sees some runes near the light source. The runes flash and Murad falls asleep…

Some time later, as the naval battle rages in the bay, the rest of the party makes landfall outside of Baste. They manage to evade a Gul patrol and make for the river. They follow it along the wall towards the western gate of the town. With no word from Murad, Rod heads into the jungle to find the army that Captain Kallorn has marched across the island. Unable to find it, Rod heads back to inform the group that he couldn’t find the advance force. At that point, Serik, who had been guarding the boat, runs up to warn the group that another fleet has been spotted, coming from the east.

The Lettani fleet that was guarding the bay, has pulled back and is about to break in the face of the Ealduran attack. The new fleet that is approaching flies the flag of Leona. The keep, that until now had been silent, begins firing upon the Ealduran ships. The Coorish fleet joins the battle, on the side of the Lettanni! It starts firing upon the Elduran fleet. Soon, the landing craft, carrying Captain Hames’ troops, is under threat. At this point, a hundred Lettanni troops leave through the west gate and form up. Suddenly, fifty Gul warriors run screaming from the jungle toward the shore. The group decides that they need to leave.

Gere Raimo orders the party to get back to the boat. As they sail away, Gere tries to warn the landing craft to break off the attack. Quintin flies over to the lead craft, four of them, to steer them off to the west. He decides to lead them into the jungle.

Three Coorish ships are targeting the remaining landing craft and Captain Munder’s ships have begun to defend them. As that battle begins, the party can see that several of Admiral Lasymtyre’s squadrons are trying to flee to the south. They are being pursued by the Coorish/Lettanni fleet. Rod and Manuel see off to the southwest that a fleet of fifty or so Gul ships is moving to cut off their escape.

Raimo connects with four other ships that haven’t engaged yet and rallies them to intercept the Gul so that they may give the fleeing ships time to get away. They engage the three lead squadrons of the Gul fleet. The ships exchange blows and both sides receive heavy losses. The party stands its ground and provides enough time for the remains of Lasymtyre’s fleet to escape. The party then turns to shore to aid the troops that are trying to escape into the jungle.

The Gul warriors have seen the Ealdruan troops to the west and are attempting to engage them along the shoreline. The party comes ashore between them, trying to delay the Gul enough to allow the men to escape. Rod uses the Token of Valeria to entangle the Gul with a Web. The group peppers the entangled Gul with crossbow fire before moving to engage with spears at reach. Manuel throws Shuriken while Cendrik manages to skewer several of the Gul with his boar spear. Quintin mutates into a giant beast and tears the Gul apart. The Gul are being cut down left and right as Quintin drops an explosion of gas into their midst.

The party can see that the landing troops have gotten away into the jungle. Suddenly, they feel a faint gust of wind from above them. An invisible caster, from above, uses magic to paralyze everyone, including many of the Gul. Soon after, the remaining Gul capture the party members and render them unconscious…

Session 23 - Sept. 24/12
Quintin remembers to bring protection for Rod's sword this time...

The morning for the wedding day, Rod and Murad meet with Aeric. They express their concern about him joining the militia. They offer to speak with Finchey on his behalf to have him discharged from service or “reassigned”. Aeric agrees to speak with Alurha about it. Rod goes over some paperwork with Aeric before he leaves to prepare for his wedding.

Rod and Murad then go off to see Mayor Finchey, while Quintin goes to the Stars’ Children’s chapter house. At the mayor’s office, they learn from Finchey that there is a new money lender in town, Halhorm Kent. They also learn that the size of the town militia has increased and that a new market square is being built.

At the chapter house, Quintin is informed about the items that were found within Vossian’s wardrobe.

Vossian’s Formula Book
5 potions (2 cure mod, levitate, mage armor CL5, spider climb)
3 flasks of alchemist fire
5 vials of acid
1 vial anti plague
3 vials anti-toxin
5 jars liquid ice
1 vial soothe syrup
1 box of 43 tinder twigs
1 half-full jar, containing 4 doses of Remove Curse
1 half-full jar, containing 3 doses of “Suppress” formula
1 jar of Defoliant Polish

Quintin meets with Jylium. He learns that the prisoner, Azair, warned that several operatives of the Children of Zepha are present in Baste, including their leader, Arbo. He is suspected to be quite powerful.

The chapter house does not possess the Greater Magic Fang potion that he sought, but does have potions of Fly and Water Breathing. The payment is deferred until he returns from the mission in Baste.

Rod goes to the Cathedral of The Just (Galus) to purchase some potions (2 cure serious wounds, 1 aid), then to the bank to cash in the last of the Lord Governor’s credit notes.

Murad heads to the docks, to find Saladin. He finds him working on an armed merchant vessel, helping to ready it for battle. Saladin tells him that he is working hard now and hasn’t touched the drink since last they met. Murad also confirms with Saladin that Yulando has been working as his apprentice. He says that he has a message for Manuel. Murad passes the message on to Manuel, then flies off to Maddy’s privateer fleet. Murad arranges to take Cendrik and two of his men with him to join their strike team.

Manuel heads down to the dock to see Saladin. He tells of a young tanned, black-haired man, named Rigo, that visited him about 3 weeks ago to deliver a message. He left a cloth with the symbol of the Order of the Righteous Wave – blue waves forming an open hand. This is the order that ran the Holy Retreat where Manuel once lived. Manuel remembers the name Rigo belonging to a novice at the retreat, but he is not aware of anyone surviving the plague, except himself. Rigo left the message that he may be found in Baste. Manuel thanks Saladin for the information and makes his way to the Labreyan village, where he helps with the preparations.

Quintin and Rod make it to the wedding ceremony just in time. They find Manuel enjoying much ale, and Murad helping to complete last minute decorations.

Ita presides over a beautiful ceremony. After Aeric and Alurha retreat to their wedding hut, a great feast is held for the guests. As Murad is cutting the meat, the party sees that Maddy is watching from a distance. Murad and Rod go to greet her. Murad spends the night chatting up Maddy. She shows him the letter of marque from the Queen of Ealdur. She also informs him that the privateers will be guarding the fleet’s flank during the battle. Murad offers to guard her flank and, after several drinks, she agrees. They return to Rod’s estate. Manuel and Rod continue to enjoy the festivities.

Back at Rod’s house, Murad finds Maddy too drunk for loving. He lets her sleep for a bit. Murad finds Quintin already back, studying in the basement. Without Quintin’s aid, Murad retrieves Rod’s sword from its underground tomb. Quintin then spreads his “Suppress” formula over the blade to prevent harm to those near it. Murad wakes Maddy up and they continue the merry-making. Finally, Rod shows up, carrying a drunk Manuel. Within an hour, they all head off to the dock to check in with Captain Hames. They pick up Cendrik and his two men on the way.

They meet Gere Raimo and his men at the military dock. He gives everyone in the party a special officer badge, with exception of Quintin. Raimo explains to Quintin that the Governor was not pleased with his refusal to take the office, but agreed to allow Quintin to come on the mission as a “civilian advisor”.

Maddy hands Murad a pouch that Ita asked her to pass along to him. It contains a magic stone that has the Status spell imbued in it. Maddy also warns the group that they should be wary of the Lettanni – they are a “treacherous lot”. She also remembers from the wedding feast that Ita spoke of an ill omen – the new star in the heavens – and that they should be careful and look after one another.

The party waits some time until a ruckus is heard coming from the dock entrance. Castance, the Patriarch of West Hanum, of the Church of Galus, and his entourage pass. The priest, Elrew, and six Knights of the Just are in the group. Castance ascends a platform and gives a blessing to the men. He is followed by Lord Governor Darrow. He gives a rousing speech to the men who are then dismissed. The party says their good-byes to Maddy and they leave with Raimo. They find their canoe at the east dock and sail out. They join the rest of Captain Munder’s fleet outside of Plith. Once assembled, the entire fleet continues on its way to Baste.

After about four days from Plith, they can see the lights of Baste. As the first signs of the Lettanni fleet are seen in the Bay of Vallore, the warning bell of Baste sounds…

Session 22 - Sept. 10/12
You don't let him say Yoink

The party is hurried to the Dukes keep, where the lord governor is awaiting the party in a war room, Maddy barges in and introduces herself, but is asked to wait in his offices

The group is introduced to the room of people, including Gere who accompanied the group to Princeton.

It is discovered that Arthund is no longer guild master of the stars children, Jyliun is the new guild master of the local chapterhouse of the stars children.

Vice Admiral is asked to continue, his briefing about the war effort, the Lettani are being pushed back, even the Gul seem to have abandoned islands they controlled and is believed they have joined the Lettani on the island of Toomran
The party learn The Elduran are invading the fortified town of Bast, and wants the party to sneak into the town and sabotage the western gate, to allow troops to take the town, and to breach the Keep to rescue Coorish sailors being held.

The Lord Governor, and Vice Admiral don’t believe the Lettani have use of magic, which the party has doubts

They are paid 3000G for the mission they have completed, and promised land, titles and boat for the completion of the new mission (if they survive)

After the meeting Quinton and Manuel head off with the magic item to the stars children, while Rod and Murad are met with Lord Vincent, the Duke of Cahorn’s third son, and exchange pleasantries

At the Star’s children Quinton is admitted by new steward, and finds the room changed around, after not finding anyone he knows, he asks to have a message passed along to ((INSERT NAMES HERE))
He is taken to meet the new guild master

The new guild master Jyliun. He informs Quinton that Arthund has been relocated to the research department. They have some heated discussions about protocol, and who Quinton is loyal to, and he expects Quinton to fall into line

Outside Manuel who is guarding the wagon of magic items and the prisoner, several members of the Children approach the wagon and inform Manuel in no polite manner they will bring the items inside, and for him to leave, he tells the mages that they need to be more polite, or he may have to bust some heads.
Manuel and Quinton then decide to go to the Pearl for a much needed drink.

Rod and Murad go to the Sea Bream, to fetch the items from the boat. They dispatch some weapons to the barracks, and select items to Rods house

Upon reaching the house Rod and Murad notice that
Areic an Alorha have done a great job with Rod’s house, and announce that they will marry on the morrow and invited the party, Rod and Murad then head off to find Quinton and manual
at the Pearl Rod buys drinks for the patrons while laying praise to the Lord Governor, the Duke, and the Dukes’ third son Lord Vincent

The party makes its way back to Rod’s house to meet Gere, and two other men, to set plans for attacking Bast, which they will leave for in three days time, aboard the captured Gul double hulled canoe. Gere wants to recruit 3 other members to join them bringing the total to 10

They rescued Pirates and Saladin are given as options

Gere and his men leave Rod offer them some of the masterworks weapons from his stores, saying “The better prepared the party is, the better the chance they will all return alive”

The Party decides to head back to the Pearl to continue to enjoy the last night before they leave for Bast

Before Rod leaves he writes a note for Areic asking him to ensure Rod is wakened for 9 bells, and that he wishes to go over several items with Areic while they break fast at the Pearl. He also dispatches a letter to Mayor Finchy, requesting a meeting.

At the Pearl the Party unwinds, buying drinks and food for the other patrons on Rod’s dime


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