The Compass Rose

Session 16
My name is Manuel Fidello...

It is sunrise. As the party heads to the docks, they notice a bustle at the base of the Duke’s compound. The party goes to investigate, and sees a gallows with 2 men. Quintin comments: “Take heed Rod”. Rod shrugs. Then the hangman pulls the lever and the men drop, soiling themselves. As the party heads off to find the ship, Sea Bream, Quintin and Murad discuss points of view on the law of the lands.

At the boat, the party meets the envoy Cam Rewyn. Quintin gives him a thunderstone to summon the party in emergencies. Before the party boards, Maddy (former prisoner, taken from the Madeleine) asks Murad if they are headed to the Pearl Islands. She tells him that she wants to get back to her young son who is there. Murad senses she is not saying everything. He convinces her to admit that she wants to take him back to Princeton so that she will need passage back as well. Quinton and Murad discuss what to do. They agree to aid her under the condition that she stay in her room for the entire voyage and not mingle with the crew. She agrees. The party boards Sea Bream. Quinton meets the captain, Willeon Borne, and informs him that he is bringing another passenger on board. The captain reluctantly agrees after being convinced by Murad.

Quinton and Rod have a disscussion on morality. Meanwhile, Murad and Manuel suspect that Borne is inexperienced and offer their help. This seems to both upset and reassure the captain.

The captain informs the party that they will not be taking the direct passage to the Pearl Islands, but going via the island of Westbar. This route will serve to minimize the chances of any entanglements with the Lettanni or Gul. The estimated travel time is 5 days.

Quinton gives Rod and Manual 3 potions of cure light each. Rod pays him 75g for them.

On the second day of travel, a double hulled canoe is spotted, but it quickly changes direction and heads off. Early on the third day, Westbar is spotted and the ship changes direction to due north. On the fifth day, another ship is spotted, heading towards them. This ship is a caravel, flying the privateer Red Jack, a Lettanni flag, and a small black flag with a golden mermaid on it.

Murad asks the envoy, Cam Rewyn, if he should destroy the ship. Rewyn orders Murad not to. Instead, he suggests that he get the prisoner, Brenn, and we bring him above deck. Quintin moves to the forecastle. Murad moves back and turns into as Albatross. He flies towards the enemy boat and lands on the tip of the main mast.

Brenn informs them that the privateer ship is “Lamona” and that her captain is Antoine Sebourne. The boats meet and the enemy ship’s captain calls to demand that they state their business and that they are about to take the ship. Brenn gives his required speech and tries to convince Sebourne not to take the ship, but to lead Sea Bream to Harval Spue, leader of one of the privateer gangs. Lamona’s captain comes aboard with a dozen of his crew, armed. As they wander about Sea Bream’s deck, Cam Rewyn orders one of his guards to get something from below decks. The guard returns with a pouch. Rewyn gives to the pirate captain, who seems satisfied. He tells them to follow him to the privateer camp.

Sea Bream follows behind Lamona for several more hours. All the while, Murad, in bird form, torments a sailor on Lamona. They arrive at the privateer cove. They are ordered to set anchor. Three other ships are sitting in the bay. On shore, is a small camp of four wooden huts and several canvas tents.

Maddy starts calling for Murad, but Quintin attends her instead. She demands to go ashore and look for her son, but Quinton flat out says no. After a while, she relents and agrees to stay until the party returns.

The party, with the 2 guards, the envoy, and Brenn board the launch and head to shore. They are led to a hut where they meet with Harval Spue, the privateer leader. He asks what their business is here. As Cam Rewyn attempts to explain, they hear some scuffling outside, on the beach. Murad, as a bird, sits atop the hut and sees a woman coming out of the water after clearly having swam from Sea Bream. He can see that it is Maddy. The privateer sailors escort her into the cabin.

Inside the hut, Maddy reveals that she is in fact the leader of the pirate gang. She politely thanks Spue and asks him to vacate the chair. Quintin notices that Harval Spue looks none-too-pleased with this turn of events. Cam Rewyn regains his composure and continues on with the Governor’s offer.

In exchange for ending the attacks on Ealduran shipping, renouncing their deal with the Lettanni and accepting a Letter of Marque from the Queen of Ealdur, the privateers will be given a pardon for past crimes, the usual spoils from Lettanni ships that are attacked, and an additional 1000g per captain. They are also assured that there will be no attempt to root them out of the Pearl Islands during or after the war.

Maddy asks why should she agree – why shouldn’t she take their ship, sell them to the Lettanni or use them to bargain for JE Ritter, their former leader? Rewyn makes the point that Ealdur is winning the war and that would be more profitable for the privateers to be on the winning side. She ponders it and replies that she needs time to talk to her captains and that she will let Rewyn know by morning. They are led to another hut where Cam will be d for the night. The party camps outside the hut.

Quintin suggests that Rod mingle with the pirates, quipping that they share loose morals. Rod thinks on it – he decides that he is really not offended and goes and mingles. He joins a card game and procedes to lose each game. In the process he learns that some of the men are not comfortable with Maddy leading the gang.

The next morning the group meets with Maddy and her captains. She informs them that they will agree to the terms of the offer, with 2 conditions:

  1. Return the Madeleine to her
  2. The other privateer gangs must join them in this agreement with Ealdur.

Maddy offers a way to convince Eddy Raffin, the leader of the largest privateer gang, to come over:

  • About three and a half months ago, Raffin sent two ships to the west to accompany a merchant ship on some sort of mission – she wants them to investigate their activities and retrieve anything that they might have found.
  • She will use this information and any items acquired to “convince” Raffin to join them.
  • Once Raffin’s men are onside, the other gangs are sure to follow.

Maddy suggests that the party goes. Rewyn offers the party 2000g to investigate the ships. Quintin and Murad argue points. Rewyn says the party will get an extra 4000g and first choice on any loot found on the privateers’ ships. The party is split: Manual and Quintin do not wish to preform the mission; Rod and Murad agree to it. After much debate, Rewyn convinces Manual to join the meeting after binding Rewyn with a blood oath. Quintin also agrees to join the mission in exchange for including in the agreement that Coorish vessels will also be spared attack. The party is given a bank note for 2000g; the remainder will be paid upon their return.

The next morning, Maddy and the party meet. They confirm the terms of the agreement and go over the plan. The party will take the Sea Bream – she is outfitted with a ram and boarding equipment. Quinton makes 6 potions: 4 for Rod and 2 for Manuel.

On the 10th day at see, while Murad is scouting in the air, he sees another ship. She is flying a red jack flag. Using the information given by Maddy’s privateers, he identifies it as one of Raffin’s ships – The Walrus. He lands and casts wind wall to slow it down. He then drops a fog cloud on the deck and proceeds to set the sails on fire with a flaming sphere. The ship’s crew scrambles to deal with the spreading fire.

During the chaos, Murad sees a figure with a staff flying towards him. Murad summons four eagles to attack the figure. The attacker hits Murad with a lighting bolt. They continue to trade spells back and forth until the sorcerer, heavily wounded, withdraws to the ship. Murad calls forth lightning to set alight two powder kegs on the deck. This causes some damage to the ship, although she appears rather sturdy. The crew comes to the aid of the sorcerer, but, being near death, he is forced to retreat below decks. Murad does more damage to the ship’s sails before flying off…

Session 15
A River Too Far...

The rest of the party returns to Princeton. Palen pays 4400g (1000 in gold, 3400 in credit) for the specimens. Rod orders a simple container for the sword.

Rod and Quinton go see the lord Governor, and have light refreshments as they wait for him. Murad and Manual go to the Labreyan village, and meet with the village elder, Sota. They discuss raising a grove, and generally improving the village. Sota suggests that the Ealduran government may not approve and may oppose the effort. They agree that it would work better if they move the village to the other side of the river. Sota mentions that Saladin is not fitting in well being idle, and wants to move back into the town.

Murad and Manual go and see the craftsman, Luro, about the magic tree items; the staff is ready, but the shield is not, as the wood is difficult to work with. Manual thanks Luro for the staff. As they walk back to the boat, Murad explains to Manual his plans for the village. They find Yulando sleeping in it. They decide to take the boat for a sail; Manual goes to bring Saladin along. Saladin explains he is bored, and wants to move back to town. Manual convinces him to teach the village lads to sail.

Rod and Quintin meet with Lord Governor Darrow. He asks if the party saw any of his patrols. They say that they didn’t. The Lord Governor agrees to pay Quintin 300g for the maps. Quintin requests 150 in coin and the rest as payment for the loaning of one his stone masons to work on Rod’s house. The Lord Governor says that he will consider if he can spare someone.

Rod then goes to the bank and cashes in some of the notes – 1600g worth (each party member gets 400g; 600g still in credit) and buys some furniture and hires some local women to clean out the house for 3g for a week.

Murad and Manual take Yulando and Saladin out and they sail past where Murad hopes to resettle the Labreyan village. Murad and Yulando disembark and survey the land as Manual and Saladin keep sailing around and see a ship being careened. Murad spends the next few days surveying the land he seeks to acquire and begins to fashion a dwelling for himself, using magic.

Meanwhile, Quinton takes the magic sword to the Stars’ Children, informing them of the danger. He asks the wizard, Lyle if they have a way to protect people from its harmful effects. Quintin inquires if it would be possible for them to further “enhance” his about-to-be-completed shield. He also asks for a Potion of Heroism and a Potion of Haste. Finally, Quintin requests a meeting with Master Arthund. Lyle informs him that the items and information he needs will take some time, a few days. In the meantime, Quintin meets with Arthund and gives him his book back as well as an updated copy that Quintin made while on the expedition. Arthund seems pleased with it, but seems to be in a sombre mood. Quintin asks if there is anything wrong that he can help with. Arthund replies that it is it kind of him to ask, but it is nothing that he should concern himself with now. Quintin bids good-day and leaves.

Rod gets the smith to make a 400lb lead box to store the magic sword. Once the box is complete, Murad buries it under Rod’s house in the stone and seals it in.

The party meets with Tomes Finchey, the harbourmaster. He explains that he discovered a little more about Golat and his men – it is possible that, although he was publicly dismissed by the merchant House of Fenne months ago, Ivor Golat may still have been working for them when he was taken into custody. The party agrees to meet Finchey at the Pearl before their meeting with the Lord Governor.

The morning of the meeting, the party meets Finchey at the Pearl to break their fast. After breakfast, they go to see the Lord Governor. Murad introduces Finchey, who the Governor recognizes. Finchey presents his proposal; Murad and Manual use magical means (Guidance and Ki) to aid in his presentation. The Lord Governor says that he will think on it, with a smirk and asks Finchey to await him outside the room, as he meets with the party. Once Finchey leaves, the Lord Governor explains his new plan for the party.

The Lettani have hired the pirates to harass and attack Ealduran shipping. There have been reports of Coorish ships being attacked as well. Lord Governor Darrow wants the party to accompany a special envoy of his to one of the privateer camps. There, he will treat with one of the their leaders to convince them to split with the Lettanni and support Ealdur in the war. The party is to make certain that the envoy arrives there safely and is safely returned to Princeton.

While the Governor explains, Rod notices a tiny slight against the Queen. Rod responds that he is happy to assist him and the Duke. The Lord Governor seems to picks up on this. The rest of the party agrees. He will pay 3000g on successful completion of the mission. They will be travelling on the Sea Bream and will depart in two days, on the Sea Bream. Her captain is Willeon Borne and the envoy that they will be escorting is Cam Rewyn. They will also be taking a captured privateer with them to guide them to the camp. Lord Governor Darrow informs Rod that he can spare a stone mason for a week to help with the work on his estate. He then dismisses the party, except Murad.

Murad stays behind and makes his pitch about relocating the Labreyan village across the river. The Lord Governor says that the land is restricted due to the war, and will consider Murad’s request at the conclusion of the conflict. Murad explains that he can be even more useful to the war effort – that he could increase the yield of Princeton’s crops. The Lord Governor expresses some doubt in this statement until Murad changes himself into an eagle and back. Lord Governor Darrow seems more convinced and suggests that they speak again, after they return.

Before departing Princeton, Rod asks Aeric and Alurha to take care of his estate while they are gone. They happily agree. By this time, Quintin has obtained a Potion of Heroism (350g), has his +1 shield enhanced to a +2 shield (1500g), and learns more about the flaming short sword. Also, Manuel successfully trains Saladin to sail the double hulled sailing canoe.

Session 14
Bats, and Rats and Boobys Oh My!

The search for the specimens of flora and fauna continues. As Murad uses magic to call the animals to him, Quintin and Rod go off on their own to find some of the plant specimens. They stumble upon two army ant hills and are swarmed. They suffer light injuries from the ant bites, but manage to shake them off by wading into the river. By this point, Murad and Manuel have arrived. Murad and Quintin finish off the ants with magic and bombs, respectively.

The next day the party marches on. Manual and Quinton scout off ahead fording the river about 2hrs out from the others. they spot some trees, and find an orchid growing on it and harvest it from the tree, but only find the one.

Back at the camp, Murad see one of the birds they are looking for and attempts to sooth and catch it. The party sits and awaits the Dragon Lizard, Murad sits by the river while Rod hides in a nearby tree. Shortly it appears and Murad feeds it a rat and tries to be friends then casts hold animal and forces it into the cage, and muscles it into the cart, and dig up some smelly plants to mask the other animals smell from the lizard. At dusk Murad attempts to call the bat. Four appear, they net 3 and cast hold animal on the fourth. Manuel runs and catches it before it hits the ground.

The Party decides to go north and east around the mountain ranges and down the coast.
Murad has the talk with Rod about his sword.

On the way around the mountains, the party starts getting sick everyday. Murad, Manuel, and Quinton go off and talk about the sword and decide to send Rod off ahead with Manuel about a half mile.

Murad calls more animals and set traps, as Palen, Kuy, and Desmod go into Pilff for supplies. and another cart to carry all the animals. A few hours later Palen returns and says they can get the cart but it will cost twice (20gp). Quintin has to pay.

The party attempts to catch a giant sea turtle, the turtle spots the net and tries to get away, Quintin thows the net but it pulls the net out of his hands, but catches it and pull it ashore

The next day Palen returns with a bucket, a barrel and cart and Murad catches the last fish and they head for home.

Manuel and Rod get back a day early and see smith for a lead box, and inquires in town for some simple beds, and trunks for his house.

Session 13
Friends in high places, are better than a rogue with nature

When last we met our adventurers, they had just gathered for a meeting at the Pearl, awaiting Palen. Quinton bluntly tells Rod not to steal from Palen, where Rod informs Quinton he is not some petty thief or pickpocket.
At which point Palen enters the Pearl with two other fellows Raul of Coorish decent, and Kuy a Labreyan (who Rod determines is currently drunk)
Time is spent getting to know one another, but soon several member drift off to sleep and rest for the early departure in the morning.

Murad and Manuel retire to Rod’s estate for the night where a dock worker meets and informs them that Harbor Master Finchey wishes to meet with them. They go, and meet with him collecting Rod along the way (knowing that Rod would still be up enjoying this last night in town)
During the meeting Finchey informs the party that he wishes to become Mayor of Princeton, and is hoping the group will assist him getting in good with the Lord Governor. stating that it would benefit them to have a friend in high places.
Murad says they may put in a good word if Finchey lays out a plan they agree with upon their return.
The next morning the party meets up, and heads out. On their way out of town the company passes two stern looking Knights of the Just (paladins of Galus), who glower at the party causing Rod to blow them a kiss, Quinton looks at Rod horrified with a look of “WHAT THE FUCK ROD!” to which Rod casually replies “Don’t judge me”.

The first couple days go by quickly, with the party collecting several of the items on Quinton’s list, and updating maps
On the third day, while exploring the party is attacked my magic resistant plants, resulting in Rod almost dying, and forcing the party to make camp for several days for him to recover, during which Murad, Desmond, Palen, Kuy, and Raul become ill, and again Murad blames it on Rod’s magic sword. Quinton and Murad spend the time searching the surroundings the best they can in the rain. they come across a tree with a holy symbol carved into it, prompting Murad to try and talk to it. Quinton decides to return to camp. Murad’s attempt to speak with the plant results in a startling discovery that the tree is an illusion, over a long dead tree. Murad decides to camp out under the tree and meditate on this.

The next morning a crow lands in the tree near Murad. He calls out a greeting in Druidic which seems to prompt the bird to fly a short distance away. Murad shape changes into an eagle and follows it to a distant hut, where a Labreyan man awaits him.
He introduces himself as Taipa, from the island of Brya (New Cahorn), who moved here years ago for the solitude. Murad tells him about himself, and recent goings on, including the ancient Labreyan tomb/complex they found
Taipa explains he felt that a darkness had escaped the complex, and that it’s power is not gone as the party thought but now free. He also confirms Murad’s suspicions about Rod’s sword being evil and the source of the illnesses and should be sealed in lead.

Murad bids Taipa good bye and asks if he may visit him again, which Taipa agrees to, as long as he does not tell his friends about him or lead them to him.
Murad makes the long walk back to the camp and his friends.

Session 12
What gems? Those? I was just holding them for safe keeping...

After defeating Ivor Golat and his thugs, the group searched the warehouse and Golat’s office. Not much is found but some inconsequential papers containing Golat’s writing. Meanwhile, Rod searches a dark hallway below the warehouse. The rest of the group soon follows.

They find a store room with 2 guards in it. They knock one of them unconscious and the other yields. Murad convinces him to show them the rest of the underground complex. They are led through a secret door to an office. They find a ledger, with Golat’s handwriting. It contains evidence of goods and weapons smuggling. Murad finds some burned scraps of paper in the fireplace and, with the help of a Mending spell, partially pieces back together a cancelled bank note. It contains what appears to be the signature of the banker, Berto Gaide. A large cabinet in the room is found to contain 10 large chests filled with coin, mostly Gold Swans. There is a single bag of gems, but, while Murad and Quintin are busy with something, the bag goes missing…

The group is led to another store room that contains weapons and armour. After searching the entire complex and finding the entrance to the harbour, the group returns to the warehouse, where Golat is restrained. After some questioning and some harsh threats from Rod, involving a dagger, Golat reveals that he was receiving aid from a group known as the Children of Zepha. According to him, at least some of them dabble in the arcane arts. They were able to pass the information about the bank deposit shipments onto him and a group of privateers. After the privateers intercepted the money, some of it made its way back to Golat…

The group discusses how best to proceed. They ultimately decide to take the information to the Governor first. Ont he way to see him, they summon the town militia to guard the complex. At the Governor’s Offices, they tell him the tale. He agrees to send some of his own men to lock down the complex. He insists that they return the money to the Bank at once. The Governor also informs them that the Patriarch of the Church of Galus, Castance, made a complaint against the group. The Governor says that it had something to do with an interaction between the group and one of his priests, Elrew. Murad explains that Elrew was preaching to children and was not welcome in the Labreyan village. The Governor cautions them to act respectfully and carefully when dealing with the Church. He also chastises Quintin for occupying the smith with his time-consuming armour project. He informs them that they should refer to him as Lord Governor Darrow from now on. Finally, he thanks them for their efforts and bids them good luck on their upcoming expedition into the jungle.

Manuel awaits the others, with the money, at Rod’s estate house. After informing Berto Gaide, the banker, of Golat’s operation, the rest of the group accompanies him to the house. He inspects the money and is pleased that they recovered this much. However, he is disturbed that no gems were among the coins. There were four or five bags of them in the original deposits. He asks the group if any of them had seen them during their search. No one comes forward, until Quintin says that he remembers seeing a bag of gems but that it is no longer with them. The banker seems suspicious and asks the group to revisit the complex to have another look. Perhaps they missed something…

After the banker leaves with the chests of money, a heated discussion within the group ensues. Although it is obvious that Rod took the gems, Quintin and Murad argue the morality of it. Ultimately, Rod admits that he took the gems. He hands them over to Murad, who must return them to the banker. He first goes back to the smuggler’s complex to make it look like he just found the gems, then he visits Berto Gaide’s own home. The banker is pleased that they found the gems on a second look. He then agrees to give them 2000 gold worth of gemstones as a finder’s fee. He also agrees to delay the departure of the bank for another 3-4 weeks to await confirmation from his masters in Caldy as to how to proceed.

Murad meets with Jaymond Smoore, attorney for the West Hanum Merchant’s Guild. The agreed upon reward is given. He also informs them that most of the guild’s members will extend discounted goods and services to the group, should the bank decide to remain in West Hanum.

Meanwhile, Quintin checks on his armour and Rod’s sword at the smithy. The armour is complete, although Quintin is no longer in need of it. An apprentice informs Quintin that the smith, Gerold, managed to determine that the sword is magical and that it contains some adamantium. He was unable to find out more because he took ill, as did another apprentice that was assisting him with the sword.

After meeting back at the Pearl, the group awaits the arrival of Palen, the merchant…

Session 11
Why can't we be friends?

Rod goes to the Bank to withdraw 300g from his account. He asks for the balance in jems, but the bank only has a small amount in this form. Rod takes the opportunity to ply the clerk with his charm, and suggest that they take lunch together to discuss matters further… Rod goes to find Quintin, and tells him of his planned meeting with the Bank Clerk. Rod convinces the whole party to go to lunch, but Murad and Manuel sit on their own (on Rod’s bill). The clerk arrives and joins Rod and Quintin. He recounts how someone had come to the Bank identfying himself as an Auditor. The Auditor was Coorish with a Zenovan accent. While recounting his tale, it became clear that the Auditor played the Clerk (Denby) for a dupe. He also confirms that he was last seen 8 weeks ago. They agree to all go see the Banker as a group.

They enter the bank and Denby goes to fetch the Banker. After a second, they enter with Denby. They explain their suspicions regarding the Auditor. The Banker is puzzled as to the usefulness of this information, as he has been instructed to shut down the branch within a fortnight. The group suggests that the Banker should change his plans for movement, routes, etc., and the group might try to secure a return of the funds. They manage to get the Banker to delay his departure as long as possible, but beyond that, he would not make any further concessions.

The group agrees to go to the Harbour to look for the false Auditor. Starting with the Harbour Master Finchy, they ask about the Auditor. Rod starts telling the story in an oblique manner, but Manuel jumps in and offers him the level truth. He sends them to see Ellard on the docs, and send them with a passphrase to identify themselves as having come from Finchy. Having done so, Ellard steers them to a building where he shakes them down unsuccessfully. After Murad convinces him that his help is appreciated, they are told to go to a boat called the Beached Turtle. The group sends Denby to get Quintin while the rest go to ‘case’ the Beached Turtle.

They arrive and see a boat with tasty smoke billowing out of its kitchens. Murad transforms into a bird and looks over the boat. He notices a lookout in a warehouse, and notices that at the back of the boat an entrance from below the dock hight enters into a double door built into the foundations of the deck wall. While floating by, he notices a dwarf on the deck of the boat. After a bit, he settles down on the roof of the warehouse. Denby returns with Quintin, and Murad returns in human form.

The group surprises the Lookout, and find out that the cook is the guy to speak to on the boat. They also find out that the boat is hiding an underground den that belongs to Golat. They knock him out and decide to speak to Golat. Manuel knocks out the Lookout and Rod ties him up. They have 3 hours until the Lookout’s relief shows up. They go to Golat’s office and try subterfuge to surprise him (using a disguise on Quintin). Golat asks them to move to the office and discuss the matter. The conversation turns bad and combat commences. After a draining battle, the group emerges victorious. Rod goes to search the warehouse.

Session 10
Is my money safe?

Having spent the night recovering from their recent adventures, the party spends some time doing some errands. Murad imparts his ‘wisdom’ to Luro and Yulando. Manuel helps to fix up Rod’s house. Both Rod and Quintin are at the Emerald Parrot about to eat dinner. A young man approaches them named Jaymond Smoore; an attorney representing a group of island merchants. He has an offer for the group; they order drinks and sit down to talk…

Jaymond tells them that the League Bank of Caldy will be shutting down operations locally; severely impacting the merchants. In some cases, the impact is of imminent foreclosure. He wants to hire the group to stop the Bank from leaving. Rod and Quiting confer, and agree to ‘try’ for the next day or so. They also ask that Jaymond negotiate an ongoing discount with the merchants he represents. He offers them a contact by the Docks named Ivor Golat. Golat is the Merchants’ primary negotiator with the Bank. Quintin goes to find Murad and Manuel; Rod goes to find out about this Bank, and its head, Berto Gaide. Arriving shortly thereafter, he finds some simple local who he wrangles the address to Gaide’s home. Walking into a local shop, he further inquires about the Bank. Meanwhile, the group back at the house is briefed on the ‘job’ and is very concerned about this turn of affairs. Quintin arrives and the group discusses next steps…

Murad and Quintin go to meet Golat; Rod and Manuel are going to look at art. In speaking with Golat, the group found out that the Bank has lost funds to theft on the high seas. This occured prior to the public annoucement that the Bank was leaving. They ask Golat to find out where the Banker lives, and if any ships left Port around the time that the theft occured on the High Seas. The group next meets up in the Art Shop, where they hang out until closing time. As they leave, the see two people leaving the bank; an old man and the bank manager. Quintin follows the Banker, Murad and Manuel follow the Old Man, and Quintin goes to see the Governor. The group locates the homes of both the Banker and the Old Man; Quintin is rebuffed when he tries to see the Governor. All of them meet up at the Parrot, and return to see the Governor.

After a brief wait, they meet the Governor and recount their engagement, the concern regarding the Bank, the theft, etc. He lets them know that he is aware on all counts, and that they are to comport themselves as would befit his agents during their investigations. He bids them good night and departs.
Manuel, uncomfortable with the need to break in to the Bank, joins Quintin back at Rod’s house. Murad and Rod attempt to break into the Bank, but without any luck. They aren’t caught, but don’t find anything of any import. The plan to search the Banker’s house and locate the young clerk the next day. They both return and call it a night.

During the next day, Quintin and Rod secure the ring, and discover its powers.

Saladin seeks out Manuel and claims that he is willing to give up the drink. Manuel and Murad take him to the Labreyan camp to ask Sato to “employ” him (canoe building, etc.). Sato agrees. Murad and Sato discuss the passing of Quoro and share their sadness. As they speak, Murad notices a priest, from the Church of Galus, reading scripture to some young children in the camp.

Murad is displeased with this. Manuel clues in and distracts the priest, while Murad takes his place with the children. As Murad tells them a story of Labreyan history, Manuel not so subtly threatens the priest, Elrew, to leave and not come back “or else”. Elrew is shocked and insulted. As he walks away, Murad calls down a bolt of lightning to strike him. Elrew convulses and falls to the ground, hurt and semi-conscious, but alive. Manuel picks up his crumpled body and delivers him back to his church in town.

Session 9
Druids always choose the hard way- it encourages natural selection.

When last we met our intrepid adventuress hey had just dispatched the undead Labreyan.
While Rod searches, Murad copies the Labreyan’s tattoos on a piece of parchment. While the party searches the rest of the complex, they find a underground lake, where Quinton decides to go investigate it. Once he is in the water, Murad decides to have some fun, and get back at Quinton for his racial slur, by changing into a shark and scaring him out of the water
Murad says they should give the body to the fire, at which point Manual, and Rod decide was no point sticking around and wait for Murad and Quinton on the surface with all the items Rod looted from the tomb.

After sealing the tomb back up as best they can, the party makes camp at the boat and decides the next step, including what to do with Aeric and Alurha. The group decided to head back to Princeton, first stopping at the neighboring Labreyan village and hide the couple with the Elders till a long term plan can be reached. They spend the next day sailing south around the Island and, make the Village (after Manual “Casually” sails the Gul boat past Princeton) by early evening.

While meeting with the village Elders they agree the couple can stay for a few days, but a long term solution is needed, Rod quietly ponders that he does need house staff
After giving Rod a dirty look, Murad gives an account of the adventure (much to Rod’s dismay) and asks about his peoples history around metal and stone use, the Elders confirm that they did use to work metal and stone but found it unnatural and abandoned it for a more natural, and organic lifestyle. At the party’s request Ita is summoned and they ask her about the magic items they have acquired. She confirms that none are cursed BUT the book is unnatural, and makes her feel uneasy, and she ponders how the Gul know about and where to find the Labreyan tombs.

The Next morning the party sets out to meet with the governor, making a quick stop at the Stars children’s to further investigate the magic items found, and to inform them about the strange magic ring.

While meeting with the Governor, Murad, and Rod relay and edited version of the trip to the other side of the island, omitting the magic tree fight, and the under tomb, but Quinton proceeds to tell him anyways much to Rod, Murad, and Manual’s dismay, Murad also lets slip that they stopped at the Labreyan village first and consulted with the Elders before meeting with him, which upsets the Governor and he proceeds to ream out the party about State secrets etc.
At the end the governor thanks the party for their work and issues a writ for 1300 gold swans
And asks if they are interested in another proposal, where Quinton informs him about the project he has already accepted for the Stars Children, but agrees to hear the Governor out
The group will become agents for Governor for the sum of 50 gold swans a month each, and issued his writ granting the power and privilege that comes with it, Quinton outright declines not wanting to be committed to either side in the war. But will create detailed maps on the islands interior for the sum of 100 gold swans each. Manual says “I just met this man, and he does not speak for me, I accept” Rod and Murad also accept. The Governor asks that they report to him in three weeks for a new assignment.

Upon leaving Rod suggests they go for a meal at the Emerald Parrot, upon entering Manual sees Saladin from the Kingfisher, slumped at the bar, looking rather rough. Manual greets him and asks what troubles him. Apparently he was let go from the Kingfisher, and recently was also fired from work building the wall around town. Down on his luck he ask Manual for help, who says he will loan him 200 gold, to either get help to pull his life together, or drink himself to death.
Meanwhile Quinton meets with Paylen to go over the expedition into the island’s interior 2 others are going with the party, including Paylen. They will meet in two days and leave in three.

The next day, Murad, Manual, and Youlando work to fix up Rod’s house, with the understanding that they will be welcome to stay when it is ready. Murad begins to show Youlando the path to becoming a Druid in a true made for TV moment. Rod spends the day selling items and shopping for supplies, when Quinton is unable to acquire a masterwork breastplate, he asks Rod to step in and help, not wanting to miss a chance to show off Rod goes to the blacksmith in full noble attire, acting like the Gods gift to puffy shirts and codpiece, and armed with the Governor’s writ demands a breastplate is made within 2 days , Leaving Quinton’s chainshirt as a deposit.
Rod then goes to the Bank to cash the Governor’s cheque, but is informed that he can only get300 gold a day, because of new bank policy.

The following day Murad and Manual become very sick, after Murads spells they begin to feel better, while Quinton seeks out the Stars Children regarding the magic items

Session 8
A Goat is not a Boat, and a fellow Lebreyan is not friendly.

The group heals up and brings the Gul Priest back to consciousness after carefully securing him. Murad begins asking him questions about the disposition of the Ulgar. After some threatening, he tells them a bit about a second group to the North, but offers little in the way of useful information. He doesn’t know about the use of the Ironwood, the Gul goals, or much else. He does say that his spirits feel that fire and death is coming to the Islands, and this information gave him some comfort. The Ironwood may have been used for a creation of a weapon.

The group confers and while Quintin and Murad argue, Manuel hides Rod from their view as he slits the Gul Priest’s throat. The matter is settled. To finish the day, all the dead are burned, with the exception of Quoro, who is consigned to the sea.

The next day the group (including Aeric and Alurha) sets sail up the North coast. Murad completes the burial ceremony and then drops Quoro’s body overboard. The group continues to sail towards Gora. They find a burned village, empty of people, with tracks leading north along the beach. Manuel goes back to get the boat; he’ll Captain the boat up the Coast to catch up with the group. Meanwhile, the rest of the group track North. In some time they find a number of abandoned canoes and tracks leading into the forest. They leave a sign for Manuel (a burning torch on the beach), and follow the tracks into the jungle. After some time, they come upon a mound. Rod goes up to investigate, and is attacked by a Yellow Musk Creaper. Battle is joined once again. After much damage to Rod, the plant creatures are defeated. The group drops to the ground and thinks how lovely it would be to wait for Manuel.

Eventually Manuel shows up. The group is still banged up, so he leaves them to heal up while he goes back to hide the boat and let the 2 youths know they are fine. Upon his return, they go down the burrow. They eventually find another dead fire bat corpse with a broken right arm. Underneath, they find a slab of lead. Against Manuel’s strong objections, they agree to dig it up. After much digging, the slab is moved and a dark shaft is revealed. Throwing a torch down, they see a hole 25’ deep. A rope is tied and the group decends to certain DOOM!

Moving through a number of corridors, the group finds a room with a black fire bat on the floor (Centre Room). Continuing on, they find a room (NE) with straw and a red fire bat on the floor. In the back, they see a mound with a skeleton and sword on top. There is also a triangle with the point facing into the room and paintings of animals attacking each other on the wall. Quintin remembers this as the symbol of Zaur. They remove a pouch from the skeleton after which Manuel pounds it’s head into dust while Murad wraps the sword in a bedroll. They leave the room.

The next room (NW) contains three beds all containing ancient skeletons, the far right/north one with it’s ribs caved in. They close the door and leave.

The next room (S) is round and contains a pedestal (complete with large tome) and a bed on the alternate side. In the centre of the room a black triangle exists on the floor, with a figure prostrate on the floor. The group fans in to the room. The figure stands up; Manuel greets him. The person speaks in old Lebreyan to Murad and accuses him of being a messenger of another person. Murad tries to convince him otherwise, but ends up angering him in the process. Battle is then joined, with the group trading blows with increasingly bad effect; Manuel crumples after a particularly bad attack, and Murad kills the strange man(?).

Session 7
Look out for that tree!

After wandering around last session in a forbidden village; the group is set upon by a Tree Creature. The group tries to attack it via conventional means, without much success. Using lightning, the group was singed, but the creature was again unscathed. During the battle, the vial containing the ring fell out of Quintin’s backpack – the cap had come off and the vial was lying on the ground. Soon after, Quintin began to feel a tingling of the fingers on his left hand. After a lot of fire (bombs, swords, etc.), the evil tree was beaten. Just to make sure, Murad cut it into kindling. The group waited to heal up and then looked around the area to search it.

After detecting that the silver tree is magical, the group proceeds to cut it down into smaller pieces.

After setting up a blind to hide themselves from discovery, the group went to sleep. The next morning Murad healed the group and went to the beach to search for a Gul search party. After some time, a boat was seen on the horizon. The group was unclear if it was a Gul ship. After some time, the boat is close to the coast.

The group fashioned a trap along the path, and caught the four Gul by tangling their feet and following it up with fire, bullets, attacks, and the like. The 3 non-casters were killed in short order, and the priest incapacitated. As a number of the group were injured, the group decided to heal up for the next few days…


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