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Pre-game Prep

Welcome to the campaign site!

I will be posting adventure updates here so that players who can’t make a session can be updated without having to use up precious game time. Of course, I welcome volunteers who would like to step in to do that for me sometimes… ;)

Hopefully, most of what you need to understand the world and get your characters ready will be on this site. Feel free to send any questions my way.

I request that everyone have their characters ready before the first session, so I can take a look and make sure everything fits with the world. I really want you guys to be able to have fun playing, so I will try my utmost to accommodate your character concepts.

The group will be starting its adventures in the Starbirth Sea, aboard the trading carrack, Kingfisher. She is on her way from Llantry to Princeton, Calmuth Island. I need to know why each of your characters is aboard…

Session 1
Have you ever been to sea, Billy?

Group joins on deck to watch a game of “Nuts”. An argument over loaded nuts was averted by a interloper (Neil) between the Cook and another Sailor, which has the effect of quieting the argument. Sybil is agitated; Rod notices and attempts to engage Sybil. She rebuffs him and leaves. The game goes on and the Cook does relatively well, maybe even better then before Sybil leaves. Manuel is hanging out in the rigging; fixing the rigging.
A number of the crew and guests have been sick both due to fasting and rough seas (but none of the PCs).
Later that evening, the group members (including Gere and Sybil) are invited to a meeting with Jasik Lorrel by his servant, Eldred. Murad is convinced to attend by virtue of being a “Diplomant”. Murad arrives first (on time). The 6 guests are invited into a room by Eldred. Jasik is seated and nods at the guests as they arrive. He says that he is tasked to deliver a message to the Governor of Princeton by his government. He asks for help in protecting him.
On the previous night, Eldred caught a thief trying to riffle through Lorrel’s things. During the scuffle, Eldred killed him. He offers to let us see the body. The offers us 100 Gold Swans payable upon arrival. Gere says yes. Manuel rebuffs the offer of money, Rod and Quitin say yes. Murad asks for an introduction to the Governor: Jasik says yes (but only half-heartedly). Murad calls him on it. He clarifies that he’ll help after his ‘mission’ has been completed.
Quintin asks to speak with Jasik alone; as he has something to discuss. Quintin says that he doesn’t know these people. In case he is alone and a problem occurs, he is to drop 2 small rocks (Thunderstones); they will make a loud noise.
Eldred leads Murad, Gere, Sybil, and Rod to the body. It is in a bag. Quintin then joins them. Murad removes the body from the bag. He notices that he is Lebrayan, but one of the 3 Lebrayans on the boat named Chaco. He seemed simple and generally kept to himself. Killed by a slashing weapon (consistent with Eldred’s short sword) across the shoulder on a bias. One of his teeth seems to be gold. Sybil casts detect magic. Murad asks if she notices anything special about the tooth; she says no. Quintin arrives. Murad shares his conclusions about Chaco with the others. At that point, Murad notices that Chaco’s tooth is missing. Quintin quafs a vial and notices a gold ring in the bag. Rod quietly checks it out and decides that it is of good quality. Quintin looks more closely at hole where the tooth was earlier. He declares that the hole seems old.
The group disperses while Murad arranges with the Captain for disposal of the body according to Lebrayan custom. Sybil and Gere disappear. Rod and Eldred are taking shifts protecting Jasik’s door. Manuel is sleeping in his hammock in the attached hallway. Murad informs the Captain that he will dispose of the body this evening after a brief religious ceremony. Murad informs Jasik that Chaco doesn’t behave like a mainlander (jewelry, etc.), wasn’t known to the other Lebrayans, and kept to himself. Jasik thanks him; Murad leaves.
Murad gathers the other two Lebrayans (Boboa and Eru), completes the ceremony, and pitches the body over the side. Afterwards, Boboa mentions that someone else on crew (Kent) thought that Chaco was strange.
The night passes without any issue.
The next day starts. Quintin checks in on Jasik. Eldred greats him, and mentions that nothing happened last night. Quintin leaves.
Murad goes in search of Kent, who is about to climb up the mast. Murad asks about Chaco. Kent suggests that he was going to meet his wife-to-be in Lantry; which didn’t make any sense. In fact, he paid another sailor for his spot on the boat. It seemed like he offered more money for the spot then he was likely to earn on the ship.
Murad asks Manuel if he knew Chaco; Manuel says no. Bae Talleur interrupts them; asks them to a meeting this evening (for which he will make it worth their while). He suggests that they come to his room at 2 bells. Manuel somewhat abruptly excuses himself before the offer is made. Murad suggests that information is always appreciated.
Quintin is likewise intercepted with the same offer, while he’s on his way to the Chaco’s old quarters. He arrives at the room and asks to be pointed to his old bunk. The sailor says that his stuff was either given away or removed by the Captain. Quintin finds nothing.
Quintin, Murad and Manuel speak. Manuel suggests that he’ll be in Jasik’s cabin at 2pm. Quintin asks Murad if he’ll like to review Chaco’s things (assuming that they can be found).
Bae extends the same invitation to Rod (who is in his cabin). Rod picks up that Bae is Lettani, so he switches to that language. Rod suggests that he is can’t do so, as he is on an important mission for the Crown.
Quintin seeks out the Captain, who is working with a nautical instrument. He asks to see Chaco’s effects. Captain, somewhat uneasilly, says that his stuff is with the QuarterMaster. Upon doing so, the Quartermaster says that only money was the only stuff he had. Quintin, somewhat irritated, leaves.
Manuel sees Jasik and Eldred and appraises them of the situation, suggesting that Manuel and Eldred should stay together in Jasik’s room while the meeting with Bae occurs.
Murad tries to climb up to the Crow’s Nest, but is rebuffed.
Manuel joins Jasik and Eldred; the rest go to the meeting with Bae Talleur. In opening the meeting, he offers to shed light on Jasik’s message to the Governor. It seems that it contains an Order of War between Ealdur and Lettani. He claims that the war started 2 weeks ago. He says that he is the special envoy of Toomiran. The delay in delivery of the orders would help him, but killing Jasik would not (2 of the party felt he was telling the truth).
He has a proposal for the Governor from the Marquis. He hasn’t been able to speak with Jasik.
He offers to pay us 100 Gold to convey him into the presence of Jasik Lorell. Quintin and Rod are not willing to force a meeting. Murad is willing. The group settles on attempting to setup a meeting, but not to force a meeting.
The group leaves and attends at Jasik’s room.
Murad attempts to convince Jasik of the value of having the meeting. Manuel suggests that he wait. Jasik tells the group to convey to Bae that he will meet with him prior to meeting the Governor, but not until he reaches Port.
Manuel checks the horizon from the Crows Nest, while Murad tells Bae of Jasik’s message.
Quintin is pushed by a drunk Sailor up on deck. A scuffle ensues. Manuel mops the floor with Saladin; after which Quintin punches him out. Manuel then remarks to the Captain that wine may need to be secured. Afterwards, Manuel ascends the Crows Nest and notes a Ship on the horizon. He screems “SHIP HO”!

Session 2
What do you mean you can't swim?

After Manuel called out “Ship Ho!”, Murad went to see Bae Talleur and to confirm that he didn’t know of the ship. He said so, and Murad believed him. Meanwhile, Manuel continued to watch the ship. He swapped his watch to another crewmate and jumped down. Manuel goes to see the 1st Mate (Bart Tullymore) to see what protocol was in this circumstance; weapons, tactics, etc. Bart told Manuel that nothing untoward seemed to be underway. Quintin likewise asked the Captain the same question, and was likewise rebuffed. He pressed the Captain to borrow his spyglass but was again rebuffed.

The group discussed their concerns and sends Sybil to work her magic against the Captain. While watching her from afar, it looked like her comments make the Captain frown and move off. Rod came up and talked to Quintin, who suggested that Rod move Jassik to the same room as Bae. Rod informed Jassik of Quintin’s suggestion to hide either Jassik or Jassik’s message. Jassik thinked it over and asked Rod to leave him for a moment, and bumped into Sybil. She suggested that during her discussion, the Captain gave her the impression that he knew the name of the ship; something that started with the letter M. She then suggested that preparations should be made for boarders. Quintin joins them and brings him to speed.

Eldred then opened the door and informed the group that he would hide the message. Quintin confirmed that the message was physical. Quintin entered the room to speak with Jassik, while Sybil and Rod went to search the Captain’s cabin. Quintin (in confidence) suggested that he could secrete it in the bilge in the ship. Jassik was leary, and asked if he had any other suggestions. None of the other suggestions were accepted, nor was he willing to hide out with Bae Talleur.

Meanwhile, Sybil and Rod went to the Captain’s cabin. Sybil offered to take care of the door while Rod kept an eye out for the Captain. She opened the door and told Sybil that the door was unlocked. Rod stealthily opened the door and slid inside without anyone noticing. He found a spy magnifying glass. He looked behind a tapestry and found nothing, but looking further around the room found a chest under the Captain’s bed. He lifted it up, and puting it up on the table, endeavoured to open it. With some difficulty, he managed to open it. Inside he found some loose coins, a pouch, and 2 scrolls. Opening a scroll, he found written theirin a bank note for 500G at a Coorish League bank in Caldy. The second scroll was blank. He found a journal and checked it, working backwards from the last page. A few pages back, he noticed a passage of note. Reading the note, he found incriminating evidence regarding the Captain, and the innocence of the 1st Mate. He stole everything he found and listened for people. Noticing nothing, he snuck out of the room.

Outside on deck, the crew had noticed that the boat (shortly to be upon them), was flying the Red Jack (a pirate flag). The Captain called the crew up to the deck. Quintin warned Eldred before he came up on the Upper deck, at the door that led back to Jassik’s cabin. The Captain suggests that the crew should stand down and let the Pirate’s take the goods. Rod confronted the Crew with the proof of the Captain’s duplicity. Murad added his regal voice to the mix and managed to convince Tullymore of the truth of the situation. Manuel moved to the Tiler/Wheel to move the boat. The Captain tried to take the Journal, which caused combat to break out. Murad turned his hands into fire, and hit the Captain. The Captain and Rod closed on each other for close combat. His rapier against Rod’s knives, the prognosis was unclear. At the same time, Tullymore tackled the Captain and grappled him. Manuel tried to steer the ship away from the Pirates, but the Pirate Captain was more then his match as a sailor. Rod then told the Captain to stand down or he would be killed, and then suggested that Tullymore take over sailing the ship.

The Bosun takes the wheel. The Pirates eventually closed to 100ft, and Murad started a small fire on their sails, while they hit our sails with chain shot. Following this, they fired arrows at us. A single arrow hit Rod, but he scoffed at it and it bounced off of him. The boats then exchange cannon fire. Quintin threw 2 bombs at the Pirate boat, one of which caused some serious damage by igniting a barrel of black powder and causing 2 stern deck guns to explode. Murad again hit the boat with fire, this time setting the wheel on fire. The boat was now within 25ft, and the Pirates were getting ready to board.

Murad next cast a spell at a Pirate and damaged him, further cannon fire was exchanged, and Rod was hit by an arrow due to his tall stance and shiny armour. The crews lined up on both boats, then 5ft apart, and let loose arrows and such. Manuel jumped over the top of the Pirates and lands behind them, ready to attack. Quintin threw the last of his bombs, and seriously injured almost all of the Pirates up on deck. The group continued to fight back and forth, until the party jumped largely over to the Pirate ship, after which continued focus on the Pirate Captain resulted in the Pirates ultimate defeat.

Session 3
It's better to be lucky (and roll a natural 20) then to be smart.

After the attack by the Madeleine on the Kingfisher, the ship’s crew spent the rest of the day repairing the Kingfisher after its battle with the Madeleine. The pirate crew were secured and Murad went around healing all those who were injured (locals first, pirates second). Rod and Murad went to see if the 1st Mate (Tulleymore) would allow them to interrogate the two Captains (Pirate and Carrington). After some convincing, Bart agreed, but wanted to have a member of the crew present. Murad suggested that he attend, and Bart agreed if it could happen in 3 hours.

Rod then went to Manuel and got a bucket and rag from him. He then gave Quintin the firearm and a black liquid to inspect. The black liquid turned out to be a deadly poison, which he reported to Rod.

Meanwhile, Quintin went to see Sybil. Upon entering her cabin, he proceeded to greet her as magical practitioner using secret modes of recognition. This accomplished, he the proceeded to ask her for a copy of spellbook (something that obviously was inappropriate), which she rebuffed immediately. An awkward silence then ensued. As he excused himself and fumbled his way out of her cabin, Sybil suggested that Quintin take the dead sailors ring to be examined by the Star’s Children in Princeton. He thanked her and stumbled out of the room.

Before the interrogation, Murad went to see Bae Talleur. He confronted him about the Pirate’s Letter of Marque, and warned him that his bargaining position would now be much weaker. Insofar as it was possible, Murad promised that he would try to ensure that Bae was treated fairly. Bae thanked him and Murad left.

Back up top, Bart met Rod, Quitin, Sybil and Murad went down to see the Prisoners. The Pirate Captain was still injured and covered in bandages. Tulleymore ordered the Pirate Captain unchained and dragged up to the room that Rod had prepared.

After the prisoner was tied to a chair, Murad asked the Prisoner for his name. He answered that it was Ritter. Murad asked how Ritter received information regarding the position and course of the Kingfisher. Ritter asked for assurances of his safety before answering; Rod assured him that he wouldn’t reach shore unless he answered the question this shocked Quintin).

Murad hinted that a pirate’s chances were very slim, but an agent of another government that assisted lawful agents would likely receive leniency. Ritter suggested that he would share his information, but only with the Governor. Murad again pressed for information about the intelligence that led Ritter to meet the Kingfisher. Ritter said that he was looking to extract Jassik (it looked like he was lying about this), and that he didn’t know that his own Ambassador (Bae Talleur) was aboard (this seemed true). Finally, he let them know that 2-3 other boats were likewise looking out for the Kingfisher (this also seemed true).

Quintin suggested that it was in Ritter’s best interest to keep us safe from the other ships looking out for the Kingfisher. Ritter said that he had no knowledge of their location or disposition. Murad then asked who the part Labreyan woman on the Pirate crew was; after some coaxing, he admitted that she was his lover. Murad was then done and passed the baton over to Rod.

Rod asked for the name of the other ships, and the man who paid him. After Ritter said he didn’t know, Rod kicked Ritter’s chair off its feet and knocked Ritter out. The others present were visibly upset and the Tulleymore ended the interrogation. Quintin was aghast at Rod’s behaviour.

The group next brought in Carrington and began to ask him questions. Carrington was defiant and blamed the group for making a simple situation into a complicated one. They asked if he knew of other ships; he said no. Tulleymore asked questions of Carrington, angered at his duplicity. They continued to ask him questions, but received little satisfaction from his responses. Rod threatened Carrington with torture, which had some effect, and loosened his tongue. They found out that:
- he dealt with Ritter directly;
- he knew that the Ambassador was going to be on his ship before it sailed;
- he was not aware of the robber (Chaco);
- he had not worked against the crew on previous occasions.
Everybody then left Carrington in the room while they plotted their next move.

Tulleymore inquired if Rod had found other items in Carrington’s effects. A snake-oil-selling Rod was able convince Tulleymore that nothing other then the journal was found. They all then went to look for the 1st Mate of the Madeline, except for Quintin, who went to look for Manuel. Quintin suggested to Manuel that he might be willing to hire him when they make Port. Manuel said that he was interested, and that they should with the group and discuss it further over dinner (he knew a nice seafood restaurant).

The rest of the group interrogated the remaining crew in search of the Pirate 1st Mate. No one came forward. Rod and Murad then split the Pirates up to ask questions in the hopes of tripping one up in a lie. The description of 1st Mate seemed to be: Medium height, medium weight, and dirty blond hair and beard. This person could not be found amongst the prisoners, so they decided that he must have died during the fighting. They figured out that they got all they could, so they left.

Murad went to see Ritter’s lover in the hold, where he found her asleep. He woke her and asked her questions. After questioning her, he was convinced that she was ignorant of the plot and offered to help her evade official sanction. As he left, Manuel challenged Murad: would he have helped the the women if she wasn’t female and/or Labreyan? Murad admitted that the answer was a bit of both.

Meanwhile, Rod asked Quintin to examine the blank scroll. Sadly, Quintin found nothing of important. He then asked him to review the 2 pieces of coral, which Quintin noted didn’t seem to feature in the essay of the Captain’s gear. They seemed pretty typical, and might have been semi-precious.

Tulleymore summoned Manuel to his cabin. He asked Manuel to help him in Princeton; he wanted to know the mood of the town, and to assess the Governor’s intentions towards merchant ships (given that Jassik had asked that Manuel accompany Jassik to the Governor’s residence). Manuel agreed, so long as he didn’t risk his life doing the latter. He gave Manuel 25 Gold to aid him in this goal, and asked him to respond back in 3 days time. Manuel agreed.

Murad went to see Jasik to inform him of the intelligence they had gathered. After sharing his information, Jasik asked Murad to request that the rest of the party accompany Jasik from the ship to the Governor’s Office. Murad agreed, and agreed to relay the request to the others. All agreed, with the exception of Sybil, who said that she would ‘think about it’. Murad, much like Quintin, tried to draw a discussion of magic out of Sybil; he too failed.

Having Calmuth in sight, they came upon Adric’s reef. Quintin looked at the reef via magical means, filling the crew and passengers with wonder. The ship entered the harbour. Soldiers were on the dock, and approached the ship with a Military Inspector in lead. He boarded the ship and spoke with Tulleymore. Tulleymore recounted a short version of the events on the trip, requesting that the prisoners be removed from his hold. Jasik interrupted him and added Bae Talleur to the list of those that should be removed in chains. Murad interjected and suggested that Bae Talleur was an Ambassador, not a Pirate. The Inspector said that this would be decided later. Tulleymore then consented to send the evidence with the group. Sybil said goodbye to group and left the group at the dock.

The group marched to the Governor’s office (located at number 2 on Princeton’s Map). They reached the office and Jasik had an animated discussion with an aide. After some strange looks at Murad, the group was admitted (after they were relieved of their weapons). Jasik handed his message to the Governor, which he put aside in a dismissive manner, proceeding immediately to demand that Jasik recount the story of the Pirate attack. Jasik did so, with some additions from Murad. Throughout his comments, both the Governor and his officer treated Murad with thinly veiled disrespect due to his Lebreyan race.

Drawing the interview to a close, the Governor informed all present that the Colony was already on a war footing as of yesterday, having received notification via a secondary envoy. He also told the group that those of them who were Eldur were conscripted into military service, although he would not then take them into service. He told the others of different nationalities that they could not to leave Princeton for 3-4 days (in case additional questions were required). Murad cautioned the Governor regarding the Gul, but his admonishments went unheeded. The Governor then dismissed the group.

Session 4
Rod likes his dagger.

The group goes to Emerald Parrot and begins to drink. Manuel sees Saladin and brings over 2 drinks as a peace offering. After squeezing him for a second drink, Saladin forgives Manuel. To cement the issue, Quintin offers the group 2 gold to get well drunk. Quintin and Rod find lodging in the inn; Manuel arranges for lodging for Murad and him in a local flop. Murad is approached by a young Labreyan boy that the village elders would like to speak with him. Murad excuses himself and goes to see them.

Upon entering the Labreyan quarter, Murad is approached by Sota, a village elder. After traditional greetings are exchanged, they retire to Sota’s home. Sota shares his concerns about the younger Labreyan men, and their lack of traditional aspirations. Three youths in particular, Yulandu (13yrs) is the worst of them, wants to join the militia. Another, Quoro (17yrs), left 2 weeks ago to the south. Palu (18yrs), left and joined the militia, and left on patrol 2 days ago. Murad agrees to try to reach the boys and give them an alternative goal (more in line with his mission). He leaves and meets Manuel; they both go to the flop house.

The night passes.

Rod is off to sell his pilfered painting. He finds a store and secures 250G for this painting by a known painter. He then goes to cash in the bankdraft. Quintin goes in search of the Children’s chapterhouse (13 on the map). When he gets there, he sees the four pointed star on the door. He knocks and a young aprentice answers and challenges Quintin for the password, which he responds to correctly. He enters and is greated by Lyle, a lowly shlep. He asks after an arcanist to look at a ring. Lyle answers yes, but that it would take 2 days. Quintin gives him the ring. He also asks to speak with an expert on the interior. Finally, he asks to look at the Library in the basement. He looks for stuff on Alchemy and the outdoors.

The milita tell the group to attend the Governor at 1 bell. They arrive and the Governor asks to group to seek out a lost patrol that set out two days ago, but didn’t return. Neither did the group that went out in search of them, but found no trace. Today is Day 3. Murad confirms with the Governor that another tribe of Ulgar are on the far side of the island, which was given to them in treaty 50 years ago. He offers the group 500g to find out what happened to them. He will also give them a pass for further impressment into military service. Quintin asked for a map; the Governor declined to share any military ones, but offered access to the Militia maps. The group agrees to his terms. Quintin is given a scrip enpowering them to leave town and that they work on behalf of the Governor.

The group goes to see Constable Hammond (19 on the map). On arrival, the group sees a business that has hastily been converted for Militia use. They ask for Hammond. Hammond provides them with details of the patrol’s intended route. Their mission was to ensure that no incursions were making their way down the path. A map is procured and is shown to the party. 3 of the party were Elduran, 1 was Labreyan. The map is very basic. They get rations, wine skins, and Rod and Quintin grab their stuff. A little after 2 bells, the group meets at the north gate and set off…

The group passes a quary and continues NE on a narrower path. About 3 miles further in, the group stops to check a clearing. They find signs of battle, and notice arrows of local manufacture. To the West, a path leads off (made by 2 or more people). Blood on the leaves implies that some prisoners were dragged off this way. A little further off, the trail drops off into a gully where a few bodies are dropped. Manuel goes down and helps bring the 3 Elduran bodies back up. They start back with the bodies, and make their way back towards the Quarry. Quintin quafs a potion, hefts 2 bodies, and goes back with Rod.

Manuel and Murad continue to search. Murad finds a poorly hiden path leading West. After crossing a river, they find a clearing with a hill rising on one side with a cavern leading down. They wait above the cavern until Rod and Quintin meet them. They then enter the cave and find a partial cave-in with a Gull warrior buried underneath. Pulling him out, they find a metal sword. Quintin appraised it, but could not confirm its provenance. They continue on until they hit a T-section and listen for noise. A trickling is heard; the group takes the left path; which leads to a dead end. They then go back the other direction, and reach a large cavern. A mound appears up ahead. Coming closer, the group sees someone squating in front of the mound. They get up, and draw a dagger, and move towards Murad. He jumps back and burns it. The rest of the group engages it. The group eventually kills it.

In the aftermath, Manuel pulls a string and collapses the ceiling on himself. Murad heals him, and the downfall uncovers the mound partialy. The group sees a body with Black Coral in it’s eyes, a Bat Tattoo, and a cermonial knife. Rod picked it up and refused to give it up or put it down. Quintin tried to bonk Rod on the head, but didn’t knock him out. A scuffle ensued, until Rod ran away towards the entrance to the cave. The group gave chase. On his exit, Rod was attacked by an arrow from above the cave. The rest of the group exits and engages the attacker.

The battle is joined by a Gul Barbarian and a Gul Druid. Murad tries to stop the fighting, but Rod can’t stop himself from fighting. The Gul continue the fight until they are subdued. Sadly, Rod wouldn’t give up the dagger so the team had to subdue him. Murad took it back to the cave. The 3 combatants were tied up and marched home. Prior to leaving, the group found the missing Labreyan. The group makes its way back to Princeton.

Session 5
Never let the Thief negotiate contracts...

As the group returns home, Manuel ensures that Rod doesn’t wake up. Meanwhile; the group returns to town and goes directly to the Labreyan camp. Murad speaks to one of the Village Elders to see if there is a solution to Rod’s condition. The Elder was concerned that these crypts were forbidden areas that had not been visited for hundreds of years. He askes that Murad lead someone from the community to the Crypt in a few days; Murad agrees. Manuel reminds the Elder and Murad that we need to make a report to the Governor. A woman enters the hut; she goes over to Rod and examines him. She announces that he is free of the curse. The group is deeply relieved. She (Ita) tells of a long ago group that worshipped dark things; this crypt may have belonged to them. Rod is healed by Ita and begins to waken. Gaining his senses, Rod shares his irritation at being attacked. The group appologizes.

The group leaves the settlement and returns the two prisoners to the Citadel at 11 bells. The guard took the prisoners and suggested that we present ourselves to the Governor tomorrow. They next go to make report at the Militia, after which they all go to sleep.

The next morning, Manuel makes his report to the Ship Captain and secures some gold for his efforts. As he only felt that he earned about half of it, he returns the other half to the Captain. He says his goodbyes and heads back to meet the group.

At the same time, Rod sells the found gear and pockets the money.

The group presents themselves to the Governor at 10 bells. He thanks the group and tells them that they can pickup their reward with his man. Manuel asks if the Governor has more work for them; the Governor says yes that another mission is available. It would allow them to travel throughout the islands, pay more, etc. Murad presses the Governor for assurances that his people will be better treated as a result. He promises to bring the matter to the Duke. The new mission offers 1500G for this new mission. He also demands the we keep the matter secret. The group agrees. He askes the group to verify the disposition of the Ulgar forces; they have not been seen in weeks. Although a treaty exists, the Governor wants to ensure that they are not aligning themselves to the Lettanni. He cautions the group that they are not to engage with them in any fashion. He provides them with a few options on how to get there. The group agrees to take a boat part way and go overland at that point. They are dismissed with a final request that they leave tomorrow; the matter is dire. They leave.

Afterwards, they pickup the 500G for the last job, and the 200G advance for the new job. Before they can leave, the Aid asks that Rod return to speak with the Governor (on his own). He enters the room and finds the Governor alone. He mentions the Rod’s family; and his father. He asks him to manage an estate that used to be in his family’s name. Rod is so happy; he gets a house, title to the property, and gets to irritate his father.

The group enters the house and finds an old man and young woman, who have been squatting here for 10 years. After a spirited argument; Murad and Rod convince them to vacate the property for 20G.

The group then goes to secure provisions for the trip. Rod spends HIS money to fix up his ‘new’ home.

Murad finds Yulandu working on the construction of a ditch being built around the palisade. He is somewhat happy to be making 5C per day. Murad counters that he will pay Yulandu 15C per day to learn about their people. The boy agrees and somewhere an angel gets his wings.

Session 6
Nice monkey...

The group packs up and embarks on their journey on the morning of the 18th day of Hielyr. Captain Taggart Brockson, the captain of the Sea Bream (you’re right guys, my mistake), takes the group to the southwestern part of Calmuth Island. The crew spots a double-hulled sailing canoe to the southwest. It is initially approaching them, but changes direction and heads south. The party is taken ashore, by rowboat, to the west of a lighthouse. They camp for the night.

The next day, they find a game trail and head west toward Ulgar territory. It is raining fairly heavily. After passing into Ulgar territory, they head north, hugging the mountain range. The group makes camp that evening. Murad befriends a Macaque that has been watching them. The next morning, Murad uses Speak With Animals to ask the macaque to inform them, with the help of his troupe, of any impending danger. The macaque runs off into the jungle.

The group travels due west through dense jungle until arriving at the coast in the mid-afternoon. They see signs of the Ulgaran settlement of Timargo. The group finds a spot of high ground in the jungle that overlooks the village. They see many huts but there are no signs of people. Rod scouts ahead – he finds that the huts are empty. He also notices human tracks leading in and out of the three large central huts. Rod fetches the rest of the group. They then trace the tracks back to the beach, about 900 yards from the village. As they leave the village, they notice a warning totem at the entrance.

At the beach, Murad finds signs in the sand that one or more canoes had been here within the past day or two. As they are deciding what to do next, Manuel hears rustling in the jungle back along the path to the village. He and Rod slowly approach. Once within about 50’, the rustling turns to loud crashing sounds as whatever it was runs off into the jungle. Manuel and Rod pursue. Manuel catches up to what appears to be a man. He tackles him and knocks him unconscious.

The man is Ashtarean of some sort, likely Central Ashtarean. He is young, with a slight build. He wears decent clothing, which is torn in some areas. His shoes are worn but intact. The group brings him to the beach and ties him to a tree. Murad wakes the bound man as the others stand behind him, out of his sight. He notices that the man speaks Ealduran. Murad pretends to speak broken Ealduran, demanding to know why is there. The man is clearly frightened, and natters on about running away from his father. Once Murad is certain the man is not Lettanni or some other enemy, he drops the facade and the rest of the group comes out of hiding. After some verbal and physical encouragements, the man, whose name is Aeric, tells them his reason for being there.

Aeric and his betrothed, Alurha, fled Segrove to avoid having to tell Aeric’s father that she is pregnant with his child. In Princeton, they met Quoro, a Labreyan youth, and fled south with him. They made it as far as Timargo and decided to camp there for the time being, since it was deserted. Quoro wandered off one to day to a secluded garden in the jungle, to the east of the village. He hadn’t returned for several hours, so Aeric went searching for him. He found Quoro, lying in the middle of the garden with half of his head crushed. Aeric, shocked, dragged his body away to bury it.

After meeting Alurha back in the village, the group is told that a small group of Gul scouts entered the village the day before. They looked around a little, then headed east along the jungle path to the garden. Aeric and Alurha followed them, carefully. They watched the Gul as they stood just inside the garden, pointing to two trees on the other side. Alurha understands the Gul language a little and believes that they were talking about the silver tree and that they would need to get the “fire priest” to help them take it. She also heard them talking of another scouting group that was looking for a tomb to the north.

The group decides to investigate the garden and takes Aeric and Alurha along. They arrive at the garden to find another warning totem at the entrance. Aeric and Alurha refuse to enter and wait just outside, as the party heads down the garden path. At the far eastern edge of the garden, stands a small clearing with two defoliated, but alive-looking trees, about 5’ apart. The tree on the left has a silvery sheen to it and reflects light in an unusual way. The tree on the right seems to be made of several different types of wood that have been grafted together. Murad notices large tracks, like grooves, leading to the base of the right-hand tree. As he is pondering this, Quintin walks up to the silver tree to touch it. Just as he does this, both Murad and Manuel notice that the other tree is moving and has started toward Quintin, one of its large branches crashing down over his head…

Session 7
Look out for that tree!

After wandering around last session in a forbidden village; the group is set upon by a Tree Creature. The group tries to attack it via conventional means, without much success. Using lightning, the group was singed, but the creature was again unscathed. During the battle, the vial containing the ring fell out of Quintin’s backpack – the cap had come off and the vial was lying on the ground. Soon after, Quintin began to feel a tingling of the fingers on his left hand. After a lot of fire (bombs, swords, etc.), the evil tree was beaten. Just to make sure, Murad cut it into kindling. The group waited to heal up and then looked around the area to search it.

After detecting that the silver tree is magical, the group proceeds to cut it down into smaller pieces.

After setting up a blind to hide themselves from discovery, the group went to sleep. The next morning Murad healed the group and went to the beach to search for a Gul search party. After some time, a boat was seen on the horizon. The group was unclear if it was a Gul ship. After some time, the boat is close to the coast.

The group fashioned a trap along the path, and caught the four Gul by tangling their feet and following it up with fire, bullets, attacks, and the like. The 3 non-casters were killed in short order, and the priest incapacitated. As a number of the group were injured, the group decided to heal up for the next few days…

Session 8
A Goat is not a Boat, and a fellow Lebreyan is not friendly.

The group heals up and brings the Gul Priest back to consciousness after carefully securing him. Murad begins asking him questions about the disposition of the Ulgar. After some threatening, he tells them a bit about a second group to the North, but offers little in the way of useful information. He doesn’t know about the use of the Ironwood, the Gul goals, or much else. He does say that his spirits feel that fire and death is coming to the Islands, and this information gave him some comfort. The Ironwood may have been used for a creation of a weapon.

The group confers and while Quintin and Murad argue, Manuel hides Rod from their view as he slits the Gul Priest’s throat. The matter is settled. To finish the day, all the dead are burned, with the exception of Quoro, who is consigned to the sea.

The next day the group (including Aeric and Alurha) sets sail up the North coast. Murad completes the burial ceremony and then drops Quoro’s body overboard. The group continues to sail towards Gora. They find a burned village, empty of people, with tracks leading north along the beach. Manuel goes back to get the boat; he’ll Captain the boat up the Coast to catch up with the group. Meanwhile, the rest of the group track North. In some time they find a number of abandoned canoes and tracks leading into the forest. They leave a sign for Manuel (a burning torch on the beach), and follow the tracks into the jungle. After some time, they come upon a mound. Rod goes up to investigate, and is attacked by a Yellow Musk Creaper. Battle is joined once again. After much damage to Rod, the plant creatures are defeated. The group drops to the ground and thinks how lovely it would be to wait for Manuel.

Eventually Manuel shows up. The group is still banged up, so he leaves them to heal up while he goes back to hide the boat and let the 2 youths know they are fine. Upon his return, they go down the burrow. They eventually find another dead fire bat corpse with a broken right arm. Underneath, they find a slab of lead. Against Manuel’s strong objections, they agree to dig it up. After much digging, the slab is moved and a dark shaft is revealed. Throwing a torch down, they see a hole 25’ deep. A rope is tied and the group decends to certain DOOM!

Moving through a number of corridors, the group finds a room with a black fire bat on the floor (Centre Room). Continuing on, they find a room (NE) with straw and a red fire bat on the floor. In the back, they see a mound with a skeleton and sword on top. There is also a triangle with the point facing into the room and paintings of animals attacking each other on the wall. Quintin remembers this as the symbol of Zaur. They remove a pouch from the skeleton after which Manuel pounds it’s head into dust while Murad wraps the sword in a bedroll. They leave the room.

The next room (NW) contains three beds all containing ancient skeletons, the far right/north one with it’s ribs caved in. They close the door and leave.

The next room (S) is round and contains a pedestal (complete with large tome) and a bed on the alternate side. In the centre of the room a black triangle exists on the floor, with a figure prostrate on the floor. The group fans in to the room. The figure stands up; Manuel greets him. The person speaks in old Lebreyan to Murad and accuses him of being a messenger of another person. Murad tries to convince him otherwise, but ends up angering him in the process. Battle is then joined, with the group trading blows with increasingly bad effect; Manuel crumples after a particularly bad attack, and Murad kills the strange man(?).


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