The Compass Rose

Session 3

It's better to be lucky (and roll a natural 20) then to be smart.

After the attack by the Madeleine on the Kingfisher, the ship’s crew spent the rest of the day repairing the Kingfisher after its battle with the Madeleine. The pirate crew were secured and Murad went around healing all those who were injured (locals first, pirates second). Rod and Murad went to see if the 1st Mate (Tulleymore) would allow them to interrogate the two Captains (Pirate and Carrington). After some convincing, Bart agreed, but wanted to have a member of the crew present. Murad suggested that he attend, and Bart agreed if it could happen in 3 hours.

Rod then went to Manuel and got a bucket and rag from him. He then gave Quintin the firearm and a black liquid to inspect. The black liquid turned out to be a deadly poison, which he reported to Rod.

Meanwhile, Quintin went to see Sybil. Upon entering her cabin, he proceeded to greet her as magical practitioner using secret modes of recognition. This accomplished, he the proceeded to ask her for a copy of spellbook (something that obviously was inappropriate), which she rebuffed immediately. An awkward silence then ensued. As he excused himself and fumbled his way out of her cabin, Sybil suggested that Quintin take the dead sailors ring to be examined by the Star’s Children in Princeton. He thanked her and stumbled out of the room.

Before the interrogation, Murad went to see Bae Talleur. He confronted him about the Pirate’s Letter of Marque, and warned him that his bargaining position would now be much weaker. Insofar as it was possible, Murad promised that he would try to ensure that Bae was treated fairly. Bae thanked him and Murad left.

Back up top, Bart met Rod, Quitin, Sybil and Murad went down to see the Prisoners. The Pirate Captain was still injured and covered in bandages. Tulleymore ordered the Pirate Captain unchained and dragged up to the room that Rod had prepared.

After the prisoner was tied to a chair, Murad asked the Prisoner for his name. He answered that it was Ritter. Murad asked how Ritter received information regarding the position and course of the Kingfisher. Ritter asked for assurances of his safety before answering; Rod assured him that he wouldn’t reach shore unless he answered the question this shocked Quintin).

Murad hinted that a pirate’s chances were very slim, but an agent of another government that assisted lawful agents would likely receive leniency. Ritter suggested that he would share his information, but only with the Governor. Murad again pressed for information about the intelligence that led Ritter to meet the Kingfisher. Ritter said that he was looking to extract Jassik (it looked like he was lying about this), and that he didn’t know that his own Ambassador (Bae Talleur) was aboard (this seemed true). Finally, he let them know that 2-3 other boats were likewise looking out for the Kingfisher (this also seemed true).

Quintin suggested that it was in Ritter’s best interest to keep us safe from the other ships looking out for the Kingfisher. Ritter said that he had no knowledge of their location or disposition. Murad then asked who the part Labreyan woman on the Pirate crew was; after some coaxing, he admitted that she was his lover. Murad was then done and passed the baton over to Rod.

Rod asked for the name of the other ships, and the man who paid him. After Ritter said he didn’t know, Rod kicked Ritter’s chair off its feet and knocked Ritter out. The others present were visibly upset and the Tulleymore ended the interrogation. Quintin was aghast at Rod’s behaviour.

The group next brought in Carrington and began to ask him questions. Carrington was defiant and blamed the group for making a simple situation into a complicated one. They asked if he knew of other ships; he said no. Tulleymore asked questions of Carrington, angered at his duplicity. They continued to ask him questions, but received little satisfaction from his responses. Rod threatened Carrington with torture, which had some effect, and loosened his tongue. They found out that:
- he dealt with Ritter directly;
- he knew that the Ambassador was going to be on his ship before it sailed;
- he was not aware of the robber (Chaco);
- he had not worked against the crew on previous occasions.
Everybody then left Carrington in the room while they plotted their next move.

Tulleymore inquired if Rod had found other items in Carrington’s effects. A snake-oil-selling Rod was able convince Tulleymore that nothing other then the journal was found. They all then went to look for the 1st Mate of the Madeline, except for Quintin, who went to look for Manuel. Quintin suggested to Manuel that he might be willing to hire him when they make Port. Manuel said that he was interested, and that they should with the group and discuss it further over dinner (he knew a nice seafood restaurant).

The rest of the group interrogated the remaining crew in search of the Pirate 1st Mate. No one came forward. Rod and Murad then split the Pirates up to ask questions in the hopes of tripping one up in a lie. The description of 1st Mate seemed to be: Medium height, medium weight, and dirty blond hair and beard. This person could not be found amongst the prisoners, so they decided that he must have died during the fighting. They figured out that they got all they could, so they left.

Murad went to see Ritter’s lover in the hold, where he found her asleep. He woke her and asked her questions. After questioning her, he was convinced that she was ignorant of the plot and offered to help her evade official sanction. As he left, Manuel challenged Murad: would he have helped the the women if she wasn’t female and/or Labreyan? Murad admitted that the answer was a bit of both.

Meanwhile, Rod asked Quintin to examine the blank scroll. Sadly, Quintin found nothing of important. He then asked him to review the 2 pieces of coral, which Quintin noted didn’t seem to feature in the essay of the Captain’s gear. They seemed pretty typical, and might have been semi-precious.

Tulleymore summoned Manuel to his cabin. He asked Manuel to help him in Princeton; he wanted to know the mood of the town, and to assess the Governor’s intentions towards merchant ships (given that Jassik had asked that Manuel accompany Jassik to the Governor’s residence). Manuel agreed, so long as he didn’t risk his life doing the latter. He gave Manuel 25 Gold to aid him in this goal, and asked him to respond back in 3 days time. Manuel agreed.

Murad went to see Jasik to inform him of the intelligence they had gathered. After sharing his information, Jasik asked Murad to request that the rest of the party accompany Jasik from the ship to the Governor’s Office. Murad agreed, and agreed to relay the request to the others. All agreed, with the exception of Sybil, who said that she would ‘think about it’. Murad, much like Quintin, tried to draw a discussion of magic out of Sybil; he too failed.

Having Calmuth in sight, they came upon Adric’s reef. Quintin looked at the reef via magical means, filling the crew and passengers with wonder. The ship entered the harbour. Soldiers were on the dock, and approached the ship with a Military Inspector in lead. He boarded the ship and spoke with Tulleymore. Tulleymore recounted a short version of the events on the trip, requesting that the prisoners be removed from his hold. Jasik interrupted him and added Bae Talleur to the list of those that should be removed in chains. Murad interjected and suggested that Bae Talleur was an Ambassador, not a Pirate. The Inspector said that this would be decided later. Tulleymore then consented to send the evidence with the group. Sybil said goodbye to group and left the group at the dock.

The group marched to the Governor’s office (located at number 2 on Princeton’s Map). They reached the office and Jasik had an animated discussion with an aide. After some strange looks at Murad, the group was admitted (after they were relieved of their weapons). Jasik handed his message to the Governor, which he put aside in a dismissive manner, proceeding immediately to demand that Jasik recount the story of the Pirate attack. Jasik did so, with some additions from Murad. Throughout his comments, both the Governor and his officer treated Murad with thinly veiled disrespect due to his Lebreyan race.

Drawing the interview to a close, the Governor informed all present that the Colony was already on a war footing as of yesterday, having received notification via a secondary envoy. He also told the group that those of them who were Eldur were conscripted into military service, although he would not then take them into service. He told the others of different nationalities that they could not to leave Princeton for 3-4 days (in case additional questions were required). Murad cautioned the Governor regarding the Gul, but his admonishments went unheeded. The Governor then dismissed the group.


Great recap Karlo! I just changed the part about the Coorish woman to Labreyan. :)

Session 3
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