The Compass Rose

Session 42 - Aug. 5/13

By the gods, Carl! Did you just muck out the stables?

Io and Pascal head back to the chapter house to meet up with the others, then head to see Captain Umes. At the Emerald Parrot, they notice that guards are shoving some of locals. Fatima helps the old man as Io glares at one of the guards. Cornelius subtly casts a spell to make the offending guard smell like a privy.

Io, Tanya, Cornelius, and Jalec go into the Emerald Parrot to await Fatima and Father Abel, who are going to see Captain Umes. Io starts gathering information as Cornelius behaves as a crazy old drunk and Tanya gambles.

Fatima and Pascal go to see Captain Umes, after going through several checkpoints they arrive to Captain Umes. Fatima introduces themselves to the Captain, she presents the letter and writs, to wish he insults Fatima and calls her a slut, to which she bristles and uses magic to intimidate him, then Pascal plays “good cop” to get information about what has been tried already.

They tell the captain that they have the name of one of the masons doing work on the castle and he is summoned. Pascal and Fatima question the mason, and learn a little about the keep, but once they leave the mason informs Pascal that his men have seen foul birds flying around the keep at night.

They then head back to the Parrot to meet the others, and explains what went down and what to do next. Jalec wants to get it done. It is decided that Fatima and Io will approach the front door and try to talk while the rest approach the sea wall by use of invisibility, and silence, and await word from the others.

Fatima and Io approach the gate and try to convince them to allow them access. With some negotiation they are allowed entrance. They are required to fly over the broken bridge, and are allowed to talk with the officer about the dangers of harboring the Children of Zepha and that they need to talk to the Governor. With more discussion, the officer agrees to take them to the Governor. After some traveling, they arrive at the governors chambers. They find him standing in front of a large mirror. Fatima tells him about the Children of Zepha and how they are preforming magic. He claims not to know, to which Io believes. Fatima says she wants to test his honesty, and begins to cast a spell.

Darrow steps into the mirror, with Io hot on his heals. Fatima messages the rest of the party who teleports into the room. A guard asks “everything ok in there?” to which Tanya responds, “ah yes everything is fine here” as the rest of the party follows.

Io appears in a strange jungle garden, with a hut. Inside the hut, a man in a white robe awaits them; he asks if they know who he is. Cornelius guesses that he is a member of the Children of Zepha, He calls himself Arbo. Io’s tension rises – she is about to attack Arbo. The rest of the party sees what is going to happen. Pascal moves to stop Io’s but too late. Io strikes Arbo with her falchion but he is unharmed. Cornelius finds this all very amusing as Tanya hammers Arbo with arrows, which do seem to wound him. Arbo casts Mass Hold Person on the party, trying to freeze them. Pascal, Tanya, and Jalec are affected. Then, Arbo transforms into another man – Taipa.

He says that the purpose of his ruse was to make sure that the party will not aid the Children of Zepha. And explains that he has been helping the Ealdurans against the Lettanni to “keep them occupied”. He says that he is working with Bilya. They are trying to stop the new star from hitting the planet. The children of Zepha are trying to bring this event about. Bilya has gone ahead to “Jarith’s Island”, a volcanic island to the south that has never been settled. It is believed to be a current or former base for the Children of Zepha. Taipa offers to pay the party 30,000 gold worth of gems to investigate the island. The party agrees to investigate this island.

Taipa takes the group to another part of Calmuth Island, in the jungle. He hands the party a bag of gems and grafts a tropical healing laurel onto Cornelius. He then teleports the party to the southern shore of Calmuth island, where a fully stocked double-hulled canoe awaits.


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