The Compass Rose

Session 5

Never let the Thief negotiate contracts...

As the group returns home, Manuel ensures that Rod doesn’t wake up. Meanwhile; the group returns to town and goes directly to the Labreyan camp. Murad speaks to one of the Village Elders to see if there is a solution to Rod’s condition. The Elder was concerned that these crypts were forbidden areas that had not been visited for hundreds of years. He askes that Murad lead someone from the community to the Crypt in a few days; Murad agrees. Manuel reminds the Elder and Murad that we need to make a report to the Governor. A woman enters the hut; she goes over to Rod and examines him. She announces that he is free of the curse. The group is deeply relieved. She (Ita) tells of a long ago group that worshipped dark things; this crypt may have belonged to them. Rod is healed by Ita and begins to waken. Gaining his senses, Rod shares his irritation at being attacked. The group appologizes.

The group leaves the settlement and returns the two prisoners to the Citadel at 11 bells. The guard took the prisoners and suggested that we present ourselves to the Governor tomorrow. They next go to make report at the Militia, after which they all go to sleep.

The next morning, Manuel makes his report to the Ship Captain and secures some gold for his efforts. As he only felt that he earned about half of it, he returns the other half to the Captain. He says his goodbyes and heads back to meet the group.

At the same time, Rod sells the found gear and pockets the money.

The group presents themselves to the Governor at 10 bells. He thanks the group and tells them that they can pickup their reward with his man. Manuel asks if the Governor has more work for them; the Governor says yes that another mission is available. It would allow them to travel throughout the islands, pay more, etc. Murad presses the Governor for assurances that his people will be better treated as a result. He promises to bring the matter to the Duke. The new mission offers 1500G for this new mission. He also demands the we keep the matter secret. The group agrees. He askes the group to verify the disposition of the Ulgar forces; they have not been seen in weeks. Although a treaty exists, the Governor wants to ensure that they are not aligning themselves to the Lettanni. He cautions the group that they are not to engage with them in any fashion. He provides them with a few options on how to get there. The group agrees to take a boat part way and go overland at that point. They are dismissed with a final request that they leave tomorrow; the matter is dire. They leave.

Afterwards, they pickup the 500G for the last job, and the 200G advance for the new job. Before they can leave, the Aid asks that Rod return to speak with the Governor (on his own). He enters the room and finds the Governor alone. He mentions the Rod’s family; and his father. He asks him to manage an estate that used to be in his family’s name. Rod is so happy; he gets a house, title to the property, and gets to irritate his father.

The group enters the house and finds an old man and young woman, who have been squatting here for 10 years. After a spirited argument; Murad and Rod convince them to vacate the property for 20G.

The group then goes to secure provisions for the trip. Rod spends HIS money to fix up his ‘new’ home.

Murad finds Yulandu working on the construction of a ditch being built around the palisade. He is somewhat happy to be making 5C per day. Murad counters that he will pay Yulandu 15C per day to learn about their people. The boy agrees and somewhere an angel gets his wings.


Quintin gets his book…

After the meeting with Governor Darrow, Quintin departs the group to seek out some maps of Calmuth Island. He finds a cartographer on Weldonmore Street and is able to purchase three maps that include roads and trails on the east coast of the island.

Quintin then heads over to the Chapter House of the Stars’ Children on the eastern side of town. He inquires about the ring that he left with them a day earlier. Lyle, a low level arcanist that Quintin met previously, tells him, after some coaxing, about the nature of the ring. They believe it to be a Ring of Valeria – a very powerful yet unpredictable item. It is capable of hiding its arcane nature and can only be seen as magical when it is activated. The ring is also capable of changing its magical properties, being able to confer different benefits to the wearer. How this is accomplished and at what frequency this occurs is still not understood. Quintin asks how it can be activated, but that information is unknown to Lyle. Lyle informs Quintin that the masters are still researching the ring and that they request more time with it, perhaps another week, to fully discover its power. Quintin agrees to this on the condition that they share with him the information that they uncover.

Quintin asks Lyle if there is another library in the Chapter House that he may reference that contains information about the island’s natural habitat. Lyle informs him that there is no library accessible to all members, beside the somewhat limited one that Quintin already saw. Lyle ponders a little, then offers to ask Master Arthund if he would agree to allow Quintin to view his personal library. Lyle runs off to do this as an Apprentice makes Quintin some tea. Lyle returns and says that the master will see Quintin in about 20 minutes or so. Quintin waits almost half an hour and is then led upstairs to Arthund’s office.

Quintin enters the office to meet a middle-aged man with a scholarly look to him. He greets Quintin and thanks him for allowing them to study the ring further. Quintin replies that he is more than happy to do this. Master Arthund asks Quintin if it is true that he is planning an expedition to the interior of the island to catalogue its flora and fauna and that he is seeking literature that may help him. Quintin confirms this. Arthund then speaks of a book in his collection, written by Olin, the first explorer to travel across the West Hanum islands and catalogue the plants and animals. Olin was a student of Jarith Rellor, the Ealduran explorer who discovered the islands over 100 years ago. Arthund searches his library and finds the book, titled A Collection of Species, written about 80 years ago. He hands the book to Quintin and agrees to let him borrow it for as long as he requires it. Arthund asks Quintin to share with them any information he finds regarding the habitat of the island. There has been little time and interest since Olin’s expedition to update his findings. Quintin thanks Master Arthund and takes his leave.

As Quintin is leaving, Arthund recalls that a merchant was inquiring at the Chapter House some weeks ago. He was looking for someone to lead an expedition across the islands to collect specimens. They were not able to help him. Arthund is not certain of his name and whether or not the man is still in Princeton. Quintin leaves and asks these questions of Lyle, who is able to recall that the man’s name is Palen. Lyle is not sure if the man is still in town.

Quintin returns to Weldonmore Street and asks around for a man named Palen. After bribing the barkeep at The Emerald Parrot, he learns that Palen is staying at The Pearl, across the street. Quintin heads over to The Pearl. While speaking to the bartender there, Quintin is approached by a man who introduces himself as Palen. He is a man in his mid-30s, about 5’6", with brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. He asks why he is being sought. Quintin counters that he may be the type of man that Palen has been searching for and tells him his name. Palen, after some thought, recognizes Quintin’s name. He informs him that he works for the Merchant House of Fenne, based in Caldy. This is the same merchant house from which Quintin received sponsorship for his arcane studies and for whom he later performed service.

Palen explains that his employer’s are looking for specimens from islands in the Starbirth Sea for clients back in Ashtar. He hands Quintin a list of the specimens that they seek. After looking at it, Quintin requests that Palen provide a list of the rewards that are being offered for each specimen. Palen agrees to this as well as to providing guides and equipment for the journey. Quintin tells Palen that he will be on other business for 1-2 weeks, but hopes to begin the expedition upon his return. Pelen says that he will need to return to Caldy in 4-6 weeks. Quintin and Palen then part ways.

Session 5

Ring of Valeria should be Token of Valeria

It is also able to alter its physical form, though it seems to retain its metallic property when doing this.

Session 5
hypericum hypericum

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