The Compass Rose

Session 7

Look out for that tree!

After wandering around last session in a forbidden village; the group is set upon by a Tree Creature. The group tries to attack it via conventional means, without much success. Using lightning, the group was singed, but the creature was again unscathed. During the battle, the vial containing the ring fell out of Quintin’s backpack – the cap had come off and the vial was lying on the ground. Soon after, Quintin began to feel a tingling of the fingers on his left hand. After a lot of fire (bombs, swords, etc.), the evil tree was beaten. Just to make sure, Murad cut it into kindling. The group waited to heal up and then looked around the area to search it.

After detecting that the silver tree is magical, the group proceeds to cut it down into smaller pieces.

After setting up a blind to hide themselves from discovery, the group went to sleep. The next morning Murad healed the group and went to the beach to search for a Gul search party. After some time, a boat was seen on the horizon. The group was unclear if it was a Gul ship. After some time, the boat is close to the coast.

The group fashioned a trap along the path, and caught the four Gul by tangling their feet and following it up with fire, bullets, attacks, and the like. The 3 non-casters were killed in short order, and the priest incapacitated. As a number of the group were injured, the group decided to heal up for the next few days…


hypericum hypericum

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