History of Ashtar

0 – The Birth of Stars.

ca 6,000 - Labreyan humans migrate to the West Hanum Archipelago.

ca 6,600 - Gul humans arrive in West Hanum.

ca 8,400 – The city of Lantry is founded.

ca 8,500 – The nation of Saraeum forms from several cities in the central plains and coast of Ashtar. The city of Llantry is its capitol.

ca 9,300-ca 9,500 - Saraeum expands to occupy most of the Ashtar continent.

ca 9,800 – The Hundred Year Winter descends upon the continent – famine, plague and migration claim close to three quarters of its population over the period. The empire of Saraeum fractures into many tiny fiefdoms. The light of Zaur was believed to be brightest during this time.

  • The Hundred Year Winter is commemorated each year by the Fast of Dreams.

ca 10,000 – Magic is discovered in the world.

ca 10,400 – Ulgar humans colonize the West Hanum islands.

11,301 - After much bloodshed, Adrec the Protector unites the clans under a single banner and brings peace to Ashtar. The churches of Galus and Fira gain in strength.

11,326-11,329 - Invaders from across the Blackened Sea attack and occupy southern Ashtar. Adrec’s armies defeat them at the Battle of Marakfell. The decisive battle is the turning point in the conflict that leads to the expulsion from Ashtar of the invaders.

11,354 – The New Protectorate is established with Lettan, Ealdur, and Pira as its provinces. It is secular in nature, although the churches of Galus and Fira remain powerful.

11,448 – The Stars’ Children, an association of arcanists, is established.

ca 11,500 – The Labreya consider all metal items to be the work of evil – existing pieces are destroyed and metal craft is forbidden.

11,492-11,507 – After a war lasting many years, Pira secedes from the New Protectorate. Shortly, thereafter, it splinters into several small states and free cities.

ca 11,550-ca 11,650 – The population of Ealdur flourishes in its fertile lands, while Lettan begins to stagnate.

11,713 – No longer wishing to support the Lettani in the north, the Governer of Ealdur unilaterally dissolves the union with Lettan.

ca 11,880-ca 11,920 - Ships from Ealdur begin to explore the waters of the Blackened and Starbirth Seas. Several island groups are discovered, including the West Hanum Archipelago.

11,887-11,888The explorer Jarith Rellor charts the West Hanum Archipelago over a nearly two year period.

11,888 – The counties of Ealdur, on the verge of fracture over disputed land and trade rights, agree to a common monarch with a council made up of representatives from each major noble house.

11,895 – The Ulgar attack the Labreyans and conquer the western side of Calmuth Island.

11,903-11,905The explorer and biologist Olin, a student of Jarith Rellor, catalogues the diverse plant and animal species of the West Hanum Archipelago. He pens a book based on his discoveries called A Collection of Species.

11,922 - The major free cities and states of the former province of Pira unite in a common trading alliance – The Coorish Trading League.

11,949 - The Ealdurans establish a colony in the West Hanum Archipelago, a strategic way-point between Ashtar and Kayemba.

11,960With its occupation of the West Hanum Islands, Ealdur begins to dominate trade with Kayemba. It levies a tariff on all moored ships not under the Monarch’s banner.

11,968The CTL gains consessions to operate trading outposts in West Hanum.

11,975Lettan establishes a colony on the island of Toomiran in the archipelago. Its co-operation with the CTL expands.

11,976 – Ealdur signs a peace treaty with the Ulgar nation.

11,988 - The monarch of Ealdur, King Arryn of house Wente, dies. He is succeeded by his 13 year old daughter, Elyn. Until her 16th day of birth, the kingdom is governed by Regent Wildomyr, Lord of House Cahorn.

11,991 - Queen Elyn assumes the crown of Ealdur on her 16th day of birth. It is contested by members of house Cahorn, who argue that the Regent should continue to rule to maintain stability, with the Queen remaining as figurehead.

11,992A deal is brokered between the crown of Ealdur and house Cahorn. Queen Elyn shall retain rule in exchange for lands and trade concessions to House Cahorn, including rights to manage the trade passing through the West Hanum Archiplego.

11,993The name of the island of Gabrell is changed to New Cahorn.

11,997 - Current year.

This page will be updated as the group learns and recalls more about the continent’s history.

History of Ashtar

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