Journey to the New World

Adventure 1 – Journey to the New World


It is the 9th day of Hielyr, in the 11,997th year, during the Fast of Dreams. It is an overcast day; a light wind is from the south. You are aboard the trading vessel, Kingfisher, headed for the port of Princeton in the West Hanum Archipelago. You have been at sea for twenty one days. It has been mostly smooth sailing, but the winds have picked up a little in the past week. The captain, Rill Carrington, expects the ship to arrive on schedule.

The crew has been fasting during the journey. They are weary, but have displayed some sense of hope with the news that good sailing is expected ahead and that the journey is nearly over. It is almost time for a little celebrating…

You approach Calmuth Island…

Calmuth approach

Journey to the New World

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