The Islands

The West Hanum Archipelago

Discovered by the Ealdurans over one hundred years ago, the West Hanum Archipelago sits in the middle of the Starbirth Sea. It is now an important waypoint on the ocean journey between Ashtar to the northeast and Kayemba to the southwest.


  • 2067 miles southwest of Ealdur in the Starbirth Sea; a typical cargo ship would take about 26 days to get there from Llantry
  • at approximately the mid-way point between Ashtar and Kayemba, which takes another 28 sailing days to reach from the West Hanum Islands
  • northern hemisphere between the equator and tropic parallel, with a few islands north of the tropic (23.5°)


  • a chain of volcanic islands on a SSW to NNE angle stretching from about 10° N to about 24° N, or just over 800 miles
  • the largest island, Calmuth Island, is 52 miles E-W and 101 miles N-S
  • volcanic mountains with underwater rocks between islands
  • some coral formations, including reefs, with a small number of atolls


  • tropical/subtropical flora and fauna
  • tropical trees on windward sides of islands; deciduous trees and scrub on leeward sides


  • prevailing winds are from the southwest
  • dry season spans from Aban (Autumn) to Pyriel (Spring); Hielyr (Spring) to Arah (Fall) is the rainy season
  • temperatures are warm to hot


Princeton (Capitol of the Duchy of the West Hanum Islands)

  • Population – 2,950 – mostly Central Ashtarean, with a few Labreyan and Coorish
  • Geography – at the mouth of the Harwich river, on the eastern coast of Calmuth Island
  • Government – Governor Darrow of the Duchy of West Hanum, appointed by Duke Cahorn
  • Major Landmarks – The Duke’s Keep and Governor’s Office, The Church of The Just, The Wharf, Weldonmore Street with several taverns

Baste (Capitol of Toomiran)

  • Population – 1,200 – mostly Central Ashtarean, with a few Gul and Coorish
  • Geography – on the southern coast of Toomiran
  • Government – Marquis Farileau of Toomiran
  • Major Landmarks – Farileau Keep, The Church of the Benevolent

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The Islands

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